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Why Choose Christian Education?

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Why Choose Christian Education?

A child’s education is one of the most fundamental aspects of their growth and development. When they receive an excellent education, a solid foundation is built on which they can continue to grow and thrive throughout their life. With a Christ-based education from Crown Point Christian School, we help your child build that foundation while simultaneously strengthening their relationship with God. When you invest in Christian education for your child, you invest in more than their schooling; you invest in their future.

Cultivating a Christian Worldview

Christian education aims to set the student up for a lifetime of success while cultivating a wholesome relationship with God. One way in which Crown Point Christian School does this is through promoting a Christian worldview. When your child receives a Christ-based education, they are surrounded by adults and peers that keep Christ at the forefront of their lives. As followers of Christ, our educators bring their love of God into each subject while simultaneously inspiring and encouraging curiosity in the world around their students. In addition to learning about and strengthening their understanding of the Bible, students at Crown Point Christian School are also taught core subjects, including science and math, through a biblical perspective. 

Establishing Christian Values in Everyday Life

Our children spend up to 1,000 hours in school each year. Students are exposed to many viewpoints, values, and morals that can easily be passed to your child during this time. In a school that follows a Christ-based curriculum, students spend their time amongst educators and peers who share the same values and principles as your family. Being surrounded by fellow followers of Jesus provides your child with the opportunity to see God acknowledged in areas of their life outside of the home and church.

At Crown Point Christian School, we involve school, home, and the church in all aspects of our students’ education. Our faculty and staff strive to establish the core Christian values in our students’ lives, including honesty, love, respect, and cooperation. When your child sees the Lord’s work being done both in and out of the classroom, it provides them with a well-rounded education that will make a lasting, positive impact on their life.

Setting Higher Standards

Students who receive a Christian education have continuously received high standardized test scores than those who receive a secular education. This is due to the higher educational standards that Christ-focused schools put in place than standards in public and charter schools. At Crown Point Christian School, our faculty goes above and beyond to provide our students with the knowledge and technology necessary to receive an excellent education and offer the support needed to be successful now and in the future.

Crown Point Christian School is dedicated to cultivating Kingdom-focused learners to transform the world in the name of Jesus Christ. If you would like to learn more about how our dedication can set your child up for success, or would like to learn more about our school’s admissions requirements and process, please contact us

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