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Association Meeting

When is the association meeting?

The annual association meeting is held on the second Monday of May in the school gym at 7:00 PM.

What is the purpose of the association meeting?

Prior to the meeting, the school board prepares a budget for the following year as well as a list of willing candidates to serve on the school board. During the association meeting, the budget is voted on as well as four new board members. Information from the school board and administrators that recaps the current year is shared with the association. New initiatives for the future school year are also presented.


What grades participate in band/choir/orchestra?

5th through 8th graders participate in band/choir/orchestra.

Is band/choir/orchestra required for all students?

Band, choir, or orchestra is required for all 5th grade students and is an option for 6th through 8th grade students.

Is participation in the band/choir concerts mandatory for all band/choir students?

Yes, participation in the band/choir concerts is mandatory for all band/choir students. This is part of the music curriculum.

Board of Trustees

If I am interested in serving on the Board of Trustees, to whom do I speak?

Every spring, the school board accepts nominations from the association for new board members. An announcement will be made in the Parent Communication recruiting interested candidates. Parents can come forward themselves or nominate an association member that they recommend for board consideration.


When do all-school chapels take place?

All-school chapel services include: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Patriotic Chapel (May).

Are parents allowed to attend all-school chapels?

Yes, parents and friends are welcome to attend all-school chapels. Announcements are made in the Parent Communication with specific dates and times.

Concerts (Christmas & Spring)

What grades participate in the concerts?

Participation includes 5th-8th grade students plus any orchestra students in lower grades.

What attire is required for the concerts?

Formal performance attire is required for all performance groups: black slacks/pants, white buttoned-down/collared/long-sleeved shirt, black socks, and black shoes. Bow ties and cummerbunds are provided by Music Boosters for all 6th -8th grade performance groups.

Donuts for Dudes

What is Donuts for Dudes?

Donuts for Dudes is a chance for the dads of CPCS students to come to the school and spend time with their child(ren). Donuts are provided and served by Parents’ Club as a thank you to all the wonderful dads!

If the dad cannot attend, can the child bring another special adult male?

If a dad cannot attend Donuts for Dudes, any special friend (grandfather, uncle, neighbor, etc.) is more than welcome to accompany the student.

Field Day

Who participates in Field Day?

All students (Pre-K through 7th grade) participate in Field Day. 8th graders are usually away on a trip that day (i.e., Great America).

Should I send my child(ren) to school with a water bottle and sunscreen?

A water bottle, sunscreen, and a great attitude are good things to bring to field day!

Fine Arts Festival

What is the Fine Arts Festival?

The Fine Arts Festival is the combined effort of the Music, Language Arts, and Visual Arts programs at CPCS. It is held in the spring each school year. In Visual Arts, our talented students in grades PreK-5th grade are each represented with one or more pieces of original artwork completed during the current year. Middle school participation is voluntary. Submissions by students in grades 6-8 may be from one or more categories comprising of the creative arts programs at CPCS. Each submission is judged and awards are given in each category, including “Best of Show.” On the evening of the event all the artwork is displayed in the gym for viewing. Students may register to present musical pieces, poetry, and prose during the evening. Refreshments are served.

Who participates in the Fine Arts Festival?

All students in Pre-K through 5th grade are represented with at least one piece of original artwork. Middle school participation is voluntary.



The auction is CPCS’s largest fundraiser each year and is held in the spring (in the evening on a Saturday in March). CPCS receives large and small donations from individuals and businesses to auction off for the school’s profit. There are many ways to help out with the auction: auction committee member, volunteer coordinator, classroom project coordinator, IT, donation coordinator, auction prep (2-hour shifts the week of the auction; duties include: assembling large donations, staging donations, and general auction set-up), night of auction volunteer (2-hour shifts the night of the auction; duties include: cashiering, check-out room, food court, bid recorder, and clean up). More information can be accessed online here.

Discount Card Sale

Each school year, the “Discount Cards” will be sold for $10 each. They will have discounts and coupons on the back, which can be used for an entire year.

Annual Dinner

CPCS hosts an Annual Dinner at a banquet hall for adults only. This night out offers great food and an opportunity to grow community all while supporting the children of CPCS. Details will be published as they become available.

Golf Outing

Every June, CPCS hosts the much anticipated golf outing to benefit the school and the children whose lives are touched by Christian education. This is a day of great fellowship with supporters of CPCS. You can always expect an excellent day planned for all participants including breakfast, lunch, and prizes. More information can be accessed online here.

Grandparents’ Day

When is Grandparents’ Day?

Grandparents’ Day is typically held the first Friday in May each year. Check the school calendar and Parent Communication for more information in the spring.

If a grandparent cannot attend Grandparents’ Day, can the child bring a special friend?

If a grandparent cannot attend Grandparent’s Day, a special friend is more than welcome to attend!

ILEARN Testing

What is ILEARN Testing and what can be expected from them?

ILEARN tests are given to 3rd-8th graders. This test compares our students to other students in our school as well as to other students across the nation.

How can I help prepare my child for ILEARN testing?

Parents can help prepare their children for ISTEP+ testing in the following ways: make sure your child gets an adequate amount of sleep each night; eats a healthy breakfast; and has a calm morning on the day of testing. In addition, encourage your child to do his/her best and offer ways to celebrate if test scores improve from the previous year.


Do students get library time?

All students have full access to a variety of books and resources in the school library. PreK and Kindergarten students are scheduled to visit once a week to check out books. Students in grades 1-8 have a flexible library schedule, meaning the door is always open for them to visit and check out books.

Are there penalties for a “late book”?

Students will not be fined for books returned late. Late notices will be distributed to remind the student to return the book as soon as possible. If a book is lost or damaged the student has the option to purchase a replacement or cover the cost of a new book. 

Who should I contact if I have a problem with a book that is available to students in the school library?

If a parent has an issue with a book, please email or speak directly to our library teacher, Mrs.Nosich (enosich@crownpointchristian.org). She will then be able to bring the book to the attention of the administration for further review.


When does my child eat lunch?

The schedule for lunchtime will be communicated to you by the classroom teachers.

How and when is Hot Lunch offered?

Hot Lunch is offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when school is in session. Hot Lunch must be ordered in advance online in order to receive it at school. Emails are sent out by the CPCS office staff that alert families as to when each session for ordering Hot Lunch begins and ends.

How do I pay for Hot Lunch?

Hot Lunch must be ordered and paid for online through FACTS. Directions on how to order Hot Lunch can be found on FACTS under the Resource Documents.

One to One Laptop Program

What is the One to One laptop program?
  • CPCS offers a One to One laptop program for its 3rd-8th grade students.
  • Each 6th-8th grade student is provided with a laptop that they are allowed to take home to supplement his or her educational experience. Students are expected to bring their laptop fully charged to school each day.
  • Each 3rd-5th grade student has a laptop that remains in their classroom to supplement his or her educational experience.
  • The laptops are preloaded with all of the software and tools that the students need to complete their studies at their level. In addition, the laptops are configured to keep students safe while online both at school and at home using a system hosted at the school. All student web traffic is filtered through this device, even when they are away from the building.
  • For many subject areas, students can access textbooks and other related curriculum online. Some classes even have their activities and deliverables integrated into the textbook publisher’s online portal making completion and submission of assignments seamless and effortless.
  • The integration of technology into the curriculum at CPCS (Pre-K through 8th Grade) is designed to promote responsible, creative authorship amongst students while engaging them in their study of God’s creation. Utilization of technology in the classroom and at home must be second nature for our students as they gain the skills they need to be productive, qualified leaders for their generation; and so our goal is to seamlessly integrate technology education into their studies so as to make it a tool for creative expression and content production from the earliest of ages. The laptop program is simply an extension of that philosophy. By putting the technology resources into the hands of our students and  for some making it available to them 24/7, our students feel a greater sense of ownership and empowerment than at any other time.

Middle School Spiritual Development

What are some of the opportunities offered for spiritual development in middle school?
  • Prayer groups
  • SALT team (Student Accountability Leadership Team)
  • Student-led devotions
  • Worship nights throughout the year
  • 8th grade spiritual retreat
  • Mentor opportunities

Parent Communication

What is the Parent Communication

The Parent Communication is CPCS’s weekly email to all parents every Friday. The Parent Communication highlights important dates to remember, upcoming events, activities going on in various classrooms, prayer requests/praise reports, SCRIP information, Second Life Resale Shoppe information, announcements, etc. Please take the time to read this weekly newsletter, as it will answer many questions throughout the school year.

Parents’ Club

What is Parents’ Club?

Parents’ Club was formed to help fund and manage many of the special needs within the school. We raise funds throughout the year by hosting fundraisers. Parents’ Club uses the funds raised by these fundraisers to host Donuts for Dudes, and Grandparents’ Day. We also purchase lunch/gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, all staffs’ birthday and Christmas gifts, and anything else that may come along where we are needed throughout the year. We then take the remainder of our funds and make special purchases related to school needs. (I.e. playground equipment, tablets, cameras, piano, tables, smart boards, etc.)

How can parents get involved in Parents’ Club?

To get involved in Parents’ Club, talk to a committee member towards the end of the school year as we are always looking for members for the following year. It is possible to earn up to 36 hours during the entire school year as a Parents’ Club member. You can contact the Parents’ Club for more information at parentsclub@crownpointchristian.org.

Report Cards

How and when are report cards issued?
  • Report Cards are issued electronically via email the Friday following the end of each quarter. CPCS staff members generate emails through FACTS to the parents of CPCS students in grades K through 8. The email will contain a link to the Report Card, which is good for two weeks. Parents can retrieve the Report Card by clicking directly on the link; there is no need to sign in. Therefore, the email can be forwarded to others (grandparents, for example) who can also retrieve the Report Card until that link expires.
  • FACTS reports are best viewed from Internet Explorer with “Compatibility View” turned on. See the following article on Compatibility View for FACTS here.
  • Pre-K report cards are also issued electronically, but only at the end of each semester.
How long are report cards available online with my provided link?

Report cards are available online for two weeks after receiving the email.

Room Parents

How can I get involved and become a Room Parent?

Any parent or legal guardian who is interested in assisting a teacher with classroom projects, organizing the classroom parties and the teacher’s birthday party, purchasing teacher gifts, and setting up a room supervision schedule for teacher luncheon dates can sign up at the CPCS Open House each fall (at the Parent’s Club table). The earlier you get there, the more likely you will get to be a room parent! (Please note, you are only allowed to be a room parent for one classroom per school year.)

Do I receive service hours for the time I volunteer?

Yes. Sign in at the office each time you volunteer.

Service Credits Program (Volunteer Hours)

How do I get started in the service credits program?

Information regarding the Service Credits Program is available online here.

How many hours do I need to volunteer each year?

Each family is required to earn 36 credits from May 1 – April 30. In regard to new parents of CPCS, the service credit requirement will be pro-rated to the month that the enrollment application was accepted by the school board. Information regarding the Service Credits Program is available online here.

What will happen if I do not meet the required number of volunteer hours by April 30th?

Any incomplete service credits as of May 1st will incur a service fee assessment of $15 per incomplete credit. This assessment will be added to the final tuition statement for the school year. Information regarding the Service Credits Program is available online here.


What sports are offered at CPCS?
  • Fall Sports: co-ed soccer; co-ed cross country; 7th & 8th grade girls volleyball
  • Winter Sports: cheerleading; 6th, 7th, & 8th grade boys and girls basketball
  • Spring Sports: 7th & 8th grade boys volleyball; track and field
  • Sports open to all middle school grade levels: soccer; cross country; track and field
What grade levels are eligible to participate in sports?
  • 6th: basketball
  • 7th & 8th: volleyball; basketball; cheerleading
  • All middle school grades: soccer; cross country; track and field
Are athletes guided to do their best with their God-given abilities?

Athletes are always encouraged by coaches to do their best and develop their God-given abilities.

Is CPCS a competitive school out to win and play the best athletes?

We try to stress involvement over competition at the appropriate ages (for example: “B” soccer team is developmental and learning in nature whereas “A” soccer stresses excellence in soccer while competing for a league championship). 6th and 7th boys and girls basketball are very developmental in nature, competing to the best of our ability but stressing play for all and teamwork. 8th Boys and Girls Basketball are intended to prepare kids for high school competitive basketball and develop an excellent team competing for a league championship.

How is Christ incorporated in our sports’ programs?

Coaches are always strongly encouraged to incorporate Christ into all of our team practices and games. Devotions and prayer are always a part of our team time and the way we play and the spirit through which we teach about winning and losing helps our kids see Christ in us. Our program will never be about winning over developing kids spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Teacher Appreciation Week

When is Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teacher Appreciation Week is a week long celebration in the United States observed the first full week in May.

What role do the parents play in Teacher Appreciation Week?

Parents’ Club does a luncheon/special gifts for the teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The money raised from fundraisers pays for everything during the week. Any extra note that the parents wants to give the teacher that week is more than welcomed.


How can I save on tuition?
  • There are currently two ways families can save on tuition: 1) Scrip and 2) the Indiana Choice voucher program. See below for more details.
  • Scrip: Scrip is a tuition reduction program at Crown Point Christian School. Scrip gift cards or certificates are ordered online or from the order sheet (provided from the Finance Manager, Mrs. Schaap) at face value. The school purchases these gift cards at a discount (amount of discount for each retailer is noted online or on the order form). The difference between what you pay and what the school pays is the profit. We split the profit: ¾ of it is credited to your tuition account and the remaining ¼ goes to the school to pay the expenses of running this program, along with a small amount of profit. Tuition accounts are credited 3 times per year, at which time it will show on your tuition statement as a credit. More information can be accessed online here.
  • Indiana Choice Voucher Program: Crown Point Christian School is a registered participant in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program. Indiana is committed to providing all children access to quality educational opportunities. Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program, commonly referred to as the voucher program, provides scholarships to eligible Indiana students to offset tuition costs at participating schools. Students must satisfy both household income requirements and student eligibility criteria to qualify. Participating schools and interested parents work together to enroll students and to submit Choice Scholarship applications to the Indiana Department of Education.

8th Grade Banquet

What is the 8th grade banquet?

The 8th grade banquet is a formal dinner for graduates and their parents.

Are family members welcome to attend the 8th grade banquet?

Only parents are welcome to accompany their 8th grade children to the banquet.

When is the 8th grade banquet?

The 8th grade banquet is usually held in the middle of May.

What is the suggested attire for the 8th grade banquet?

The suggested attire is casual dressy – girls’ dresses must have straps of some type; boys wear shirts and ties.

8th Grade Graduation

What happens at the 8th grade graduation ceremony?

The 8th grade graduation ceremony typically takes place on the evening before the last day of school. A local pastor gives the address; the Valedictorian and Salutatorian are announced; and citizenship awards/academic honors are announced. Graduates receive a Bible from the school as well as a diploma.

What is the suggested attire for the 8th grade graduation?

All families purchase robes for their children to be worn over clothing. Girls wear a nice dress and boys wear dress pants and a tie. Dressy shoes for both boys and girls are required.

Is it okay to bring family members to the 8th grade graduation?

Everyone is welcome at the graduation ceremony.

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