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Tuition Costs For 2021/2022 School Year

Part-time Students

  • Pre-Kindergarten – 2 Full Days: $3,124
  • Pre-Kindergarten – 3 Full Days: $4,336
  • Kindergarten – 4 Full Days: $6,426

Full-time Students Kindergarten – Grade 8

  • First Student: $6,962
  • Second Student: $6,753
  • Third Student: $6,551
  • Fourth Student: $0

Additional $300 per student participating in Dual Language Immersion Program.

Additional $300 incremental per student for middle school (grades 6th-8th).

Tuition Assistance

Due to the generosity of other CPCS families and our broader CPCS community, we have a Tuition Assistance fund to assist families in need. Please contact our Finance Manager, Paulette Schaap at pschaap@crownpointchristian.org to request assistance. All requests will be held in the strictest confidence.

Historically, Second Life Resale Shoppe has generously donated funds back to CPCS twice a year. These funds are divided and passed on to CPCS families in the form of a tuition credit.

Indiana Choice Voucher

CPCS partners with the Indiana Department of Education to offer Choice Scholarship Vouchers for qualifying students. See their website for detailed information. Our Finance Manager, Paulette Schaap, will email families information about deadlines and application requirements twice a year. Questions related to the application process can be directed to pschaap@crownpointchristian.org.

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