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Tuition Costs For 2022/2023 School Year

Part-time Students

  • Pre-Kindergarten – 2 Full Days: $3,183
  • Pre-Kindergarten – 3 Full Days: $4,692
  • Kindergarten – 4 Full Days: $6,547

Full-time Students

  • Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: $7,519
  • 3rd – 5th Grade: $7,669
  • 6th – 8th: $8,069

Indiana Choice Voucher

CPCS partners with the Indiana Department of Education to offer Choice Scholarship Vouchers for qualifying students. This program has made private education an accessible choice for many CPCS families. Please see the IDOE Voucher website for detailed information, including track requirements and income limits. Our Finance Manager, Paulette Schaap, will email current families each spring with information including deadlines and application requirements for the upcoming school year. Questions related to the application process can be directed to Paulette.

Tuition Assistance

Due to the generosity of other CPCS families and our broader CPCS community, we have a Tuition Assistance fund to assist families in need. CPCS provides assistance to families who have applied for the voucher and anticipate the need for additional assistance and to non-voucher eligible families who expect to qualify for needs-based assistance. All requests will be held in the strictest confidence.

Existing CPCS families can apply for this assistance through the FACTS Family Portal, Finance tab. Due to the need to upload confidential, financial information including tax forms, all families applying will need to create a new account (separate from the parent FACTS login) in order to complete this application. Once created, parents should follow the instructions on the application and submit the documentation required to the secure site.

Families new to CPCS can also apply and will need to email Paulette Schaap for more information.

FACTS uses an impartial algorithm to calculate the assistance needed for each family. The school receives a recommendation from FACTS, reviews the information submitted and makes a determination regarding the amount of assistance to be awarded.

Second Life Credit

Historically, Second Life Resale Shoppe has generously donated funds back to CPCS twice a year. CPCS families will have the opportunity to opt in to receive this tuition credit. Credits not claimed by families will be added to our Tuition Assistance fund.


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