Admission Criteria

Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade:

  • At least one parent must be a confessing Christian who has membership in a Bible-believing, evangelical Protestant church and has signed an agreement with the CPCS Statement of Faith.
  • The family must be actively involved in weekly church worship and give evidence of participation in the church’s programs as verified by the Pastor’s signature on the Pastor’s Reference Form.
  • Student(s) must have a record of satisfactory academic performance and appropriate school behavior in previously attended schools as verified by most recent report card and/or standardized testing results.
  • The family must indicate a willingness to meet the school’s financial obligations (tuition).
  • The family must be willing to cooperate with the school in all situations.

Age Requirements

Pre-Kindergarten:  Must be 4 years old by September 1 of that school year. Parents of a child who will turn 4 between September 1st & September 30th may appeal for early entrance. The Early Entrance Pre-Kindergarten Waiver Application must be submitted by May 1st of the desired enrollment year. 

Kindergarten:  Must be 5 years old by September 1 of that school year. Parents of a child who will turn 5 between September 1 & September 30 may appeal for early entrance. The Early Entrance Kindergarten Waiver Application must be submitted by May 1st of the desired enrollment year.

Crown Point Christian School believes that as a general rule, it is beneficial for students to be the appropriate age for their grade level. The academic and social expectations for school-age children have increased over the past decade. However, it is also recognized that there are some exceptional children who are well-advanced socially, emotionally, and academically who would benefit from early entrance.

Grades 1-8: Students must show documentation of successfully passing the previous grade.

*All students will be required to submit a copy of their birth certificate as part of the admissions process.

Mid-year Enrollment Policy

Applications for admission to Crown Point Christian School submitted for a current school year will be accepted and processed after the start of the second quarter.  Any accepted applicants will be scheduled to start at Crown Point Christian School at the beginning of the second semester.  All applications are contingent on approval.

In order to ensure that we are fully staffed to meet the various needs of all of our students, applicants who require student services will be evaluated before being considered and may not be eligible for admission during an active school year.

We believe this policy is in the best interests of our teachers and students and will allow for a smooth start to a new school year.

Virtual Learning

In response to COVID-19, Crown Point Christian School currently offers virtual learning for grades PreK-8. All students are eligible to participate in virtual learning. Students will learn from home, while being taught in grades PreK-4, by a teacher-specific to virtual learning via Zoom and through Class Dojo. Students in grades 5-8, will participate in live stream lessons with their class and use Google Classroom to communicate and submit assignments. Virtual learning will take place each day, Monday through Friday.

To view our Non-Discriminatory Policy as to Students please click here

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