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To ensure our students receive a well-rounded education, Crown Point Christian School incorporates all aspects of learning into our curriculum and extracurricular activities. One way we do this is through our after school arts program. Students meet with Ms. Krediet to enjoy the freedom of creating art in a creative space. During these meetings, students are given the opportunity to increase their artistic potential by working on projects that teach them the basics. Students are encouraged to take the project and run with their ideas, allowing them to explore their creativity and express themselves.

To expose students to as many art forms as possible, project types range from painting, weaving, watercolor painting, canvas painting, puppet crafting, and holiday crafts.

  • Third through fifth-grade students meet Tuesday from 3:15-4:30 p.m.
  • Junior High students meet Thursdays from 3:15-4:30 p.m.

Benefits of Incorporating Art Into Education

Art is not only a fun way to express ourselves; it is also an important part of our daily lives. No matter what form they take on, the arts are around us all of the time, from paintings in a museum to a movie at the theatre to the music we listen to on our drives to and from school. Art directly impacts our mood and can teach us valuable lessons about the world around us, our emotions, and our relationship with Christ. 

By incorporating art into our curriculum, Crown Point Christian School offers students the opportunity to explore the world of art and learn valuable life lessons and skills, including:

  • Collaboration: Some art projects require students to collaborate with others. Sharing responsibility and taking accountability, and compromising to complete their project teaches students that their contributions are integral to the project’s success and completion no matter the size of their role.
  • Creativity: Creating art in any capacity helps students to foster their creativity. Art allows students to express themselves in unique ways that completing their math homework or participating in a science experiment can’t. Helping a student develop their creativity allows them to have a deeper understanding of themselves and expand their problem-solving skills.
  • Perseverance: There’s no doubt that art can be challenging at times. These challenges, however, teach students that they can achieve anything that they set their sights on. By receiving the encouragement and support to complete their projects, our students learn that they can reach their goals and find success through patience, time, and practice.
  • Self-Confidence: There is nothing quite as rewarding as finishing an art project that you are proud of. When students create their own works of art and express themselves in ways that would not be possible without the creative outlet, they develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

What students learn in their art classroom follows them into other aspects of their lives. Providing our students with the opportunity to spend time after school creating and engaging with their peers encourages them to explore the artistic side of themselves and build connections through their art

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