Who We Are


Crown Point Christian School is an association of evangelical Christians committed to providing a biblically based, Christ-centered education that partners with parents in preparing children spiritually, socially, academically, and physically to honor God in all aspects of life.

The lordship of Christ and the providential care of God permeate everything, and Christian teachers strive daily to help each child know the Lord. Christian teachers are charged with the responsibility of working cooperatively with parents to guide each child towards academic, social, physical and emotional growth, and spiritual maturity. Together, we strive to promote the following ideals for our students:

  1. Development of the Christian virtues: love, honesty, courtesy, obedience, respect, tolerance, cooperation, and the discipline of body and mind consistent with God’s Word.
  2. Development of Christian citizenship and leadership: in the school, in one’s chosen occupation, and in the community consistent with God’s Word.
  3. Development of Christian learning utilizing the full potential of our God given ability.

The purpose of Crown Point Christian School is to provide an education for children that is:Christ-centered, in the most complete sense, and of the highest quality.


Crown Point Christian School is governed by a board of trustees comprised of 9 to 15 members, elected by the association members in an annual meeting each spring. Association members are school supporters who:

  • are committed to biblical, Christ-centered education,
  • are members of an evangelical, biblically based church,
  • contributed at least 2.5% of one child’s tuition rate within the past year, or pay tuition, or are an employee of the school,
  • are in agreement with and pledge to support CPCS’s Constitution and the school’s mission.

The school board determines policies, sets the vision of Crown Point Christian School, and directs the principal to carry out its policies. Any member of the association, except an employee of the school, is eligible to serve as a board member. Annually the board nominates a slate of candidates for board membership and the association votes for members of the board from this slate.

The principal provides the executive leadership that serves the staff, students and association in carrying out the school’s mission.

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