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Accreditation by Christian Schools International means Crown Point Christian School:

  • Is committed to the right of parents to freely choose the school that their children attend. It actively promotes its independence and diversity while continually maintaining a broad public commitment to excellence in education for the good of the community.
  • Does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin in employment practices, administrative policies, scholarship and loan programs, or athletic or other school-administered programs and activities.
  • Serves the educational needs of pupils as they prepare to lead Christian lives in contemporary society. In order to give sound basis and direction to its educational program, it has a written statement of philosophy and of its essential purposes.
  • Is organized for proper management and operation as provided by a constitution or bylaws
  • Has a curriculum compatible with its philosophy, designed to impart knowledge and skills normally set by current curriculum standards and to teach moral and spiritual values for living a life for Christ.
  • Has a supporting constituency of Christians who provide adequate financial support to maintain good standards of education.
  • Has clearly stated policies in such areas as admission, attendance, discipline, reporting, programs for individual differences, and school health services.
  • Is staffed by qualified teachers and administrators who fulfill the legal requirements of the State of Indiana and who are personally committed to Christ and his Kingdom.
  • Its governing body is committed to establishing policies on contractual arrangements and providing appropriate wages and benefits for its employees.
  • Has a building and facilities designed to promote learning and meet acceptable standards for health and safety.
  • Cooperates with CSI staff members and other member schools.

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