Crown Point Christian School is accredited by Christian Schools International and by the Indiana State Board of Education.

Christian Schools International

Accreditation by Christian Schools International means Crown Point Christian School:

  • Is committed to the right of parents to freely choose the school that their children attend. It actively promotes its independence and diversity while continually maintaining a broad public commitment to excellence in education for the good of the community
  • Does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin in employment practices, administrative policies, scholarship and loan programs, or athletic or other school-administered programs and activities.
  • Serves the educational needs of pupils as they prepare to lead Christian lives in contemporary society. In order to give sound basis and direction to its educational program, it has a written statement of philosophy and of its essential purposes.
  • Is organized for proper management and operation as provided by a constitution or bylaws
  • Has a curriculum compatible with its philosophy, designed to impart knowledge and skills normally set by current curriculum standards and to teach moral and spiritual values for living a life for Christ.
  • Has a supporting constituency of Christians who provide adequate financial support to maintain good standards of education.
  • Has clearly stated policies in such areas as admission, attendance, discipline, reporting, programs for individual differences, and school health services.
  • Is staffed by qualified teachers and administrators who fulfill the legal requirements of the State of Indiana and who are personally committed to Christ and his Kingdom.
  • Its governing body is committed to establishing policies on contractual arrangements and providing appropriate wages and benefits for its employees.
  • Has a building and facilities designed to promote learning and meet acceptable standards for health and safety.
  • Cooperates with CSI staff members and other member schools.

Indiana State Board of Education

Accreditation by the Indiana State Board of Education means Crown Point Christian School must meet the following standards:

  • Legal Requirements
  • School Improvement Plan
  • Student Achievement

Crown Point Christian School must comply with the following legal standards of the State of Indiana:

  • Health and safety requirements
  • Staff-student ratio requirements
  • Curriculum offering requirements
  • Instructional staff requirements
  • ILEARN participation requirements
  • Mandatory annual assessment requirements
  • Accurate and timely submission of all reports required of schools
  • Production of an annual performance report that meets requirements.

Crown Point Christian School must annually submit a school improvement plan that shows strategic and continuous school improvement and achievement.

Crown Point Christian School must meet school improvement and performance requirements under the State of Indiana accountability system. Essentially this means the school will establish achievement goals for our students as measured by the ILEARN tests.

State of Indiana accreditation assures Crown Point Christian School of the following privileges:

  • CPCS will retain the privilege of providing excellent, Christ-centered education.
  • CPCS will be allowed to administer the ILEARN + standardize testing to its students.
  • Freeway accreditation will grant CPCS continued status and reputation in our community, as well as education guidance and accountability that accompanies accreditation by the Indiana Department of Education.
  • CPCS will have the opportunity to apply for Professional Development Grants for teachers.
  • Eligible students of CPCS will be able to apply for the 21st Century Scholars Program.
  • Eighth grade students will more easily transfer to other area high schools.
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