Service Hour Program

The CPCS Service Hour Program has been developed to better organize our volunteer needs and help spread the load to all families affiliated with CPCS. As outlined in the CPCS Service Hour Program Guidelines, each family will be required to earn a set number of service hours each year. This benefits the school, as well as our students and staff, in many ways. It also allows for the development of new friendships not only between teachers and parents, but also among parents. In addition, educational costs are reduced as programs are supported through this involvement.

How to Volunteer

Looking for ways to get involved, meet other CPCS parents and show your students that you are committed to their education?  We have volunteer opportunities on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedule.  No experience is necessary!  We appreciate all skill sets and schedules as we have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available. Here are some suggestions:

How to View Your Hours

Sign into your Parent Portal to view your family’s service hours.

Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to view your hours and who to contact with questions.

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