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Since 1985, Crown Point Christian School has displayed an unwavering commitment to shaping young minds and hearts to see the glory of Christ in all things. Churches, grandparents, and friends have echoed this commitment by providing financial, prayer and volunteer support. Our school has been deeply blessed by the continued involvement of our children, the parents, friends and family and we are grateful for everyone’s support.

Your gifts to Crown Point Christian School make a difference to every student and teacher in our community, and helps families bridge the gap between what they pay in tuition and the true cost of a Christian education. Your donations, prayers, and time spent volunteering allow us to offer the highest quality programs, while also placing tuition levels within reach to more families and students.

Please prayerfully consider how you might be able to support CPCS. Your participation is key, and all gifts—no matter what the size—make a difference. Together we can continue to make quality Christian education available to all.

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