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Current bonus rebates and upcoming bonus discounts can be found by visiting and logging in.  Click on ‘Shop’ and then ‘Specials.’

Don’t forget to take advantage of the tuition credits all our local vendors provide through the Scrip program.

Did you know you can send e-cards through Scrip?  Most ScripNow! gift cards have a “make this a gift” option.  All you need is the name and email address of the person you would like to send it to.

Current Scrip calendar dates:  June – September 2020

Printable order form:  Scrip Order Form

What is Scrip?

sws_logoScrip is a tuition reduction program that can be started at any time. Credit that is earned before your child’s enrollment at CPCS will be held in your family’s tuition account until they are enrolled.

How does Scrip work?

Click Getting Started with Shop With Scrip to get started.  Scrip gift cards or certificates are ordered online from the order form at face value. These are for items that you would be buying anyway in your normal walk of life (groceries, fuel, clothing, restaurants, gifts, etc.), and they are “same as cash” at the retailer. Kohls allows you to pay your credit card bill with them, but they are the only department store currently doing this.

The school purchases these gift certificates at a discount (the amount of discount for each retailer is noted on the order form). The difference between what you pay and what the school pays is the profit. We split the profit: 85% of it is credited to your tuition account, and the remaining 15% goes to the school to pay the expenses of running this program, along with a small amount of profit. Tuition accounts are credited 3 times per year, at which time it will show on your statement as a credit, or you will receive a notice of the accumulated credit.

How do I register for Scrip?

To begin benefiting from this easy moneymaker, you must complete a Scrip Registration Form and submit it to the school office in an envelope marked SCRIP. No orders will be released without your signature on this form. You may elect on this form to have your order sent home with the student of your choice or have them kept in the office for pick-up.

How do I order Scrip?

Online ordering is available at If you are placing a first-time order, you will need to set-up a family account. You can also order by filling out a current hard copy Scrip Order Form. All available retailers can be found at  We do have some Scrip Local Vendors that are not listed.  If you use these vendors, you may want to bring the Scrip Local Vendor Form with you for your purchase.  If you want to order from any retailer that is not listed on our Scrip Order Form, just write it at the bottom of your form.  Here is the Scrip calendar:  June – September 2020.

How do I pay for Scrip?

Once your order has been placed, you can pay by check, money order, or Presto Pay. It is important to remember to send your payment to the school office marked SCRIP if you order online and choose not to use Presto Pay.

Important: Any order submitted but not paid for by the date will NOT be placed.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email the Scrip Coordinator at or call 219-365-5694.


SCRIP DATES – October – December 2020

The following is the Scrip schedule for the first semester. Scrip order and distribution
dates are on Tuesdays. Scrip orders are bi-weekly except between Thanksgiving and
Christmas when orders are placed more frequently. Occasionally, there will be a slight
change to the bi-weekly schedule due to school breaks, etc.

October 27               November 3
November 10          November 17
November 24         December 1
December 1            December 8
December 8           December 15

Orders must be placed online or be in the office by 8:30 a.m. on the “orders due.”

  • Orders will be available for pick up after 10:30 a.m. on the “pick-up” dates.
  • You can now place your orders and pay online. Please go to to register or contact the Scrip coordinator for more information.
  • Only checks or money orders will be accepted for payment with paper order forms. No cash, please.
  • Scrip earnings will be credited to your account three times through the school year, usually in September, January, and April.
  • Please take advantage of our local vendors. A listing is available online or by contacting the Scrip coordinator.
  • A complete list of all available vendors can be found at
  • If you have any questions regarding the Scrip program, please contact

We encourage each participant to enroll and place their Scrip orders online. When you also enroll in PrestoPay, you will have the ability to receive Scrip e-cards immediately from many vendors without having to wait for a physical gift card from Scrip. Many vendors are also available in reloadable cards. Go to to learn more or contact the Scrip coordinator.

Thank you for your participation in our Scrip program!

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