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Middle school is a difficult time for students. As children mature and develop, it’s important that they have a strong support system in place that can help them to stay true to their values and live the very best version of their lives. At Crown Point Christian School, we are passionate about providing high-quality education and academic instruction in the context of strong religious values and the word of God. To learn more about our top Northwest Indiana private middle school and how we’ve earned that reputation, please reach out to us today by phone or online. 

Our Values and Accreditation

At Crown Point Christian School in Indiana, we provide values-based education that focuses on Christian morals such as honor, courtesy, obedience, respect, tolerance, cooperation, love, and honesty. We also believe in developing Christian leadership and citizenship in the world. Of course, in addition to providing education that is Christ-centered, we also have rigorous academic expectations for our students. In order to be admitted into our school, students must have demonstrated academic excellence in their past educational years, as demonstrated by letters of recommendation, report cards, and standardized test scores.

We have received accreditation from Christian Schools International, as well as the Indiana State Board of Education. The former accreditation shows that our school is committed to independence and diversity and the good of the community; does not discriminate in our employment practices, scholarship or loan programs, or athletic programs; is staffed by qualified professionals who have strong religious faith; and more. Our accreditation from the Indiana State Board of Education means that we satisfy state standards when it comes to all academic legal requirements, the development of a school improvement plan, and student achievement. 

What Sets Us Apart from Other Middle Schools in Northwest Indiana?

We provide our middle school students with personalized, special attention at a time in their life when they need it most. Even for students who are naturally high achievers, middle school can be a challenging time in life. By committing to high values and expectations and holding students to these standards, we set a bar for excellence. We work with students and families to ensure that expectations are being met and that a student’s needs are addressed. By keeping our class sizes small, we are able to provide personalized and attentive care to each student who walks through our doors. We put a strong emphasis on God, family, and community – three things that we believe are a recipe for joy and success in learning and life. 

Learn More About Our Top Northwest Indiana Private Middle School Today

At Crown Point Christian School, we are more than just a private school, and more than just a Christian school – we are one of the top Northwest Indiana private middle schools in the area and we put an emphasis on faith and family. If you are hoping to enroll your student, know that we are accepting applications for next year, and also accept mid-year applications upon approval. Reach us today online or by phone to learn more.

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