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At Crown Point Christian School, our staff is wholly committed to our students and their future endeavors. We understand the stress parents face as they search for the ideal school for their child, and we are here to make your child’s education a success. A faith-based education is an integral part of our curriculum. Visit our private school near St. John by calling us today. 

Our Commitment to You and Your Child

Education is the foundation on which students turn into kind, innovative individuals who build the future. At our school, the teachings of the Bible are always at the forefront. Whether your child is learning in the classroom or playing out on the field, he or she will practice the principles of humility, faith and kindness. We believe these teachings are essential to each student’s success, as walking in the footprints of Christ guides your child to a fulfilling life. 

Everything begins with admissions. During this process, we will help you and your child determine if our school is the right fit. You are encouraged to schedule a tour of our school and to learn more about our campus. Our staff is here to assist you at every stage of the process. 

Enriching Campus Lifestyle

Crown Point Christian School is dedicated to an unwavering mission. In addition to fulfilling core academic requirements, our school provides an enriching experience for every student. 

  • Athletics. Sports are a great opportunity for students to participate in physical activity in a team-focused setting. Whether your child loves baseball, soccer, volleyball or another sport, we have the group they are called to.  
  • Musical Groups. Students who are interested in playing a musical instrument may join an orchestra or band. We also have choirs for those who enjoy singing. These groups perform for the public and for fellow students.
  • Engineering Programs. Our robotics team exercises their knowledge of engineering principles and promotes problem solving within a group setting. Kids interested in STEM will love to be a part of this team. 
  • Clubs. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, students receive opportunities outside of the classroom, too. We have a wide range of after school clubs and organizations to join, such as art club and VEX robotics. 
  • Summer Camps. Keep your child engaged in the summer with our summer camps. Every grade level has an opportunity to spend time at a special summer camp, including one for soccer, culinary lessons, basketball and more. 

The numerous opportunities we provide students ensure their education continues both in the classroom as well as beyond it. After all, education is the first step towards a bright, fulfilling future under the eyes of God, meaning we are committed to helping your child achieve exactly that. 

Schedule a Tour at Our Private School Near St. John Today

Your child’s future begins at Crown Point Christian School. If you are interested in learning more about the admissions process, we welcome you to reach out today. We’ll provide all the information you need to determine whether your offerings are right for your family.

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Crown Point Christian School

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