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Every parent wants to feel confident in the education that their child receives. Crown Point Christian School is a leading private school near St. John that integrates the Bible’s teachings into all we do. We believe young children living under Christ’s glory are certain to become successful, compassionate individuals who find their calling under God. As such, we approach education as an opportunity to nurture young minds to see Christ’s glory in all things. 

Our School’s Offerings

Children deserve an education that expands their horizons. Our curriculum fulfills state-mandated guidelines and gives every student a chance to grow. For over 37 years, our school has nurtured a tightly-knit community of faithful individuals consisting of students, their families and alumni.  

In addition to an enriching curriculum, we provide a wide range of extracurricular activities for students to explore their interests. 

  • Musical Groups. Band, orchestra, and choir are just a few of the musical opportunities we provide. Working together with fellow musicians gives students a chance to exercise their team building skills. 
  • STEAM. STEAM is a growing field, and many students can benefit from the knowledge these organizations provide. Whether your child loves science, math or another subject, we can help ignite his or her passion for learning. 
  • Athletics. Sports are a staple of any educational experience, and we continue to uphold the teachings of Christ even out on the field. Students work together to achieve a common goal, and learn how to handle tough situations together. Your child can participate in basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, cross country and more. 
  • Art. Students with a creative side will love to participate in our many art classes. They collaborate and create alongside fellow artists as they build confidence in their artistic abilities. 

Every experience contributes to your child’s future success. We wish to support his or her pursuits following graduation, so we created a diverse set of educational activities. Your child will meet like-minded individuals and make lifelong friends when he or she participates in our many extracurricular opportunities. 

Why Choose Our Private School Near St. John?

Crown Point Christian School provides plenty of opportunities for students to learn and grow. Our mission is to help children find their callings and live life according to God’s word, meaning we integrate these Biblical values in every aspect of our campus life. We provide a rich variety of educational pursuits, including athletics, music, volunteer opportunities and more to complete your child’s experience. 

In order to see if you and your child qualify, you’ll need to complete the application process. We are more than happy to help you get started. 

Contact Our School Today to Get Started

Crown Point Christian School continues to uphold our mission to help young minds grow into faithful, compassionate individuals through our educational program. If you believe a Christian education is right for your child, reach out to our private school near St. John to begin the application process. We’ll provide all the information you need to know about our school.

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