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As an accredited private school near Dyer, Crown Point Christian School is committed to delivering an excellent education that incorporates valuable teachings from the Bible. When your child attends our school, they are exposed to a group of like-minded individuals who hold the same values important to your family. From gaining independence to obtaining a biblical worldview, you will be proud to watch your child blossom into a well-rounded and passionate individual.

How to Choose the Best Private School Near Dyer

One of the most beneficial aspects of providing your child with an education at a private school near Dyer is your ability to be selective with which school they attend. Since we are a private institution, we can accept and accommodate students who do not reside in our predetermined district. This allows parents and students to decide which private school they attend. The freedom of choice can make choosing the right school for your child challenging, as every private school near Dyer offers phenomenal educational opportunities for students. However, looking at the values each school takes into consideration when crafting their educational plan for students is important in your decision.

At Crown Point Christian, our mission is to deliver a Christ-centered education that places value in developing Christian:

  • Leadership and citizenship in the school, occupational, and community settings
  • Virtues such as cooperation, courtesy, discipline, honesty, and respect
  • Learning that utilizes the full potential of God’s given ability

Our Educational Offerings

Crown Point Christian School is a private school near Dyer proudly offering education to students in pre-kindergarten up to eighth grade. Our curriculum focuses on developing our students’ gifts and abilities through innovative teaching methods. We prepare our students for a lifetime of learning and service as engaged members of the Christian community. When they attend our school, your student is surrounded by educators and peers who are fellow followers of Jesus, providing them the opportunity to see the Lord’s Word acknowledged outside of the home and church. 

Our private school near Dyer offers a plethora of educational opportunities and programs for our students, including:

  • Art: Students can unleash their artistic potential with our art programs. Art education allows students to develop critical skills and learn valuable lessons, such as the power of collaboration, perseverance, and creativity.
  • Athletics: Full-body wellness and strength are fundamental, which is why we offer fall, winter, and spring sports to our middle school students, including basketball, volleyball, and track.
  • Bible Study: We keep the Lord in all that we do at Crown Point Christian School. Students take part in Bible study in every grade, starting with simple verse memorization to delving into the Old and New Testaments.
  • Dual Language Immersion: A unique program beginning in kindergarten, students will learn the Spanish language through full immersion. Lessons are taught in 100% Spanish, with English instruction introduced starting in third grade.
  • Music: Starting in middle school, students will have the opportunity to participate in choir or band. They will work on mastering their chosen instrument, whether that be their voice or physical apparatus, and learn about career opportunities in the music industry.
  • STEAMOur goal is to provide a well-rounded education, which is why we put emphasis on all areas of education. STEAM, or the study of science, technology, engineering, arts & humanities, and mathematics, is a central part of our curriculum. We offer a class fully dedicated to STEAM topics, requiring students to participate in problem-solving and project-based learning, and inquiry-based teaching.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Crown Point Christian School, please contact our office to request additional information on our school’s offerings and campus life. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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