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Private Education in Lowell, IN

A private education experience may be able to offer something that a public school education experience cannot. For example, private education may be able to provide more one-on-one attention to students thanks to smaller class sizes, more after-school activities and programs, a greater level of parent and community engagement, and specialized education and focus. In the case of Crown Point Christian School, we offer private education in Lowell, IN that is focused on academic excellence and religious faith and Christian teachings. To learn more about our school and the services that we can offer your child and your family, please reach out to us directly today.

What Are the Benefits of Private Education in Lowell, IN?

While private education is not necessarily or always superior to public education, in some cases, a private education may be able to offer your child more than they would get from the public school system. For example, with private education, you can benefit from:

  • A school that aligns with your values;
  • Choice and flexibility;
  • Smaller class sizes;
  • A close-knit community;
  • A stronger commitment to academic achievement (private school students often score higher on standardized test scores than do non-private school students); and
  • A focus on more than just academics – value-based private schools often focus on building thoughtful leaders. 

Why Choose Crown Point Christian School?

At Crown Point Christian School, we care about our students and offer a high-quality education that is focused on both academic excellence and a relationship with God. We are accredited by Christian Schools International and the Indiana State Board of Education. This dual accreditation indicates that we meet the state’s legal requirements related to academics, student achievement, and the requirements for a school improvement plan, and also that our curriculum is aligned with the Christian Schools International’s philosophy, which is designed to teach moral and spiritual values. We focus on three primary objectives at our school:

  1. Developing Christian values within our students, including those of love, honor, courtesy, discipline, respect, tolerance, and cooperation;
  2. Developing Christian citizenship and leadership; and
  3. Developing Christian learning using the full potential of our and our students’ abilities. 

Our values are found in our teachers, our staff, and our board of governance. Association members, like the parents of students and our staff and our teachers, believe in bible-based education, are members of evangelical churches, and additionally contribute to at least one student’s tuition every year. 

Give Your Child the Gift of the Best Private Education in Lowell

Where your child goes to school and the educational experience that they have could shape their life for years to come. At Crown Point Christian School, we believe that your child deserves the best private education in Lowell, and that’s exactly what we seek to provide. At our institution, you’ll find committed teachers, high academic standards, a focus on students, and a commitment to God. We teach academics and values, preparing our students to be thoughtful, impactful leaders in the community. To learn more about our private education in Lowell, IN, please call us today or send us a message at your convenience. 

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