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Private Christian Middle School Near Dyer Indiana

Crown Point Christian School is a leading private Christian middle school near Dyer, Indiana. Over the past 35 years, we’ve served thousands of students and have many proud alumni making a difference in the world. We nurture young minds to see the world through the eyes of Christ and become the compassionate leaders they’re meant to be. 

Your Child Discovers Their Calling at Crown Point Christian

Every student has a calling, and we cultivate their skills through a diverse curriculum paired with engaging extracurricular activities. From choir to sports, your child will find a place to belong among fellow musicians, artists and athletes. Our school is dedicated to providing real-world experience and understands that many students graduate and go on to college or trade school. We prepare them by providing the skills needed to be successful no matter what path they take. 

Our school is accredited by Christian Schools International and fulfills all core education requirements. We offer a wide range of invigorating subjects: 

  • Art and Music: Is your student interested in the fine arts or music? We have a number of classes and programs where your child can cultivate their talents. Students are exposed to many different art forms, including canvas painting, watercolors and weaving. Musical groups include choir, orchestra and several different bands. 
  • Dual Language Immersion: All classes in this program are taught in Spanish with some instruction in English to expose students to both languages, promoting fluency through eighth grade.  
  • STEAM: We offer a class dedicated to STEAM, which integrates instruction with project-based learning. Building critical thinking skills is essential to lifelong learning and success, and our program helps your child achieve exactly that. 
  • Technology: In an ever-changing world, students need to be prepared. We provide the technology needed to help students learn and follow their callings. 

Every student deserves an opportunity to grow into a well-rounded individual. Your child has the potential to become someone who changes the world for the better, and we help them unlock it. With our long-term approach to education, students receive a varied skill set that promotes success later in life, including social skills and empathy. 

Developing Under the Guidance of Christ

As a parent, you want your child to receive the best education possible, and at Crown Point Christian School, education and faith are inseparable. Every aspect of our school’s curriculum and culture is founded in Biblical teachings, allowing our staff to promote Christian values in all our students do. Humility, honesty and teamwork are essential components of what we do. No matter what your child is interested in, he or she will discover their true calling in one of our classes or extracurricular activities. 

Call Our Private Christian Middle School Near Dyer, Indiana

Is your child ready to begin his or her educational journey? Ensure they start off on the right footing by choosing a school strongly grounded in Christian values. We are here to support your child’s calling under the eyes of God and become the individual they are meant to be. To learn more about the admissions process, contact our private Christian middle school near Dyer, Indiana. 

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Crown Point Christian School

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