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Private Christian Education Near Me

The school that your child goes to and the educational system that they participate in may impact and shape their values, behavior, and opportunities for life. This is why choosing a school that offers private Christian education near me is one of the best decisions that you can make for your child and your family. At Crown Point Christian School, we provide an atmosphere that is focused on academic excellence and centering Christ in one’s daily life and interactions. To learn more about our school and the private Christian education we offer in Indiana, please check out our website. 

Why Choose Private Christian Education for Your Child?

The school your child attends will have a lasting impact on their life and their future opportunities. If you are considering private Christian education for your child, consider that at Crown Point Christian, we strive for excellence in our academics, accreditation, and mission. We mentor students and inspire intellectual curiosity while also instilling Christian values and centering Christ in everything we do. We provide personalized attention to students, realizing that everyone learns differently and has different academic and social needs. We also provide a range of extracurricular activities that extend beyond after-school activities; our programs are focused on Christ, community, and family. By choosing private Christian education for your child, you can instill values now that last a lifetime, as well as surround your child with a community of value-driven teachers, administrators, students, and other parents. 

What You Should Know About Crown Point Christian School

At Crown Point Christian School, we prioritize students’ wellbeing and success, as well as our Christian values. Here’s what you should know about our accreditation, mission, and academics—

  • Accreditation. We are accredited by Christian Schools International, which means that our curriculum is consistent with current curriculum standards and our school is staffed by qualified teachers and administrators. Please read more about our accreditation on our website. 
  • Mission. Our mission is to serve the educational needs of our students while also preparing them to be Christian leaders and lead Christian lives. We prioritize the values and virtues of love, honesty, obedience, courtesy, respect, cooperation, and discipline. We also believe in Christian learning that prioritizes using the full potential of one’s God-given abilities, and this is something we seek to bring out in every student we have the privilege of teaching. 
  • Academics. We seek to develop a child’s gifts and abilities while also centering Christ in all of our instruction. We maintain high standards of academic integrity and prioritize the integration of current academic best practices. We have a STEAM program, dual-language immersion program, and music and arts programs. We also recognize the importance of technology in our ever-changing world and work hard to ensure that our students are prepared to succeed in the modern professional world. 

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Choosing private Christian education near me can have lasting impacts. To learn more about the benefits of private Christian education and the application and enrollment process at Crown Point Christian School, please visit our website Admissions page. 

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