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Choosing the right school for your child isn’t always straightforward. Parents wish to find a school that aligns with their values and faith, one that will set their child down the right path in life. At Crown Point Christian School, we are committed to helping every student find their calling. We integrate the Bible’s values into our curriculum and student organizations to provide an outstanding educational experience. Parents searching for an “NWI private school near me” can call our office to learn more about enrollment. 

Reasons to Choose a Christian Education

Crown Point Christian School understands how important your child’s education is to their future. Our staff endeavors to help every student become the person they are made to be, and we believe the best teaching method is one that’s founded on Christian values. We are committed to teaching children to learn and grow under the guidance of Jesus Christ, and we integrate those teachings into every part of our curriculum, from coursework to extracurricular activities. 

There are many reasons that parents should choose a Christian education for their child:

  • Lifelong Lessons. At our school, we take a future-oriented approach to education. We believe our teachings are the foundation for your child’s future endeavors. In order to ensure your child is prepared for a meaningful life, we integrate vital lessons into our curriculum. We teach teamwork, compassion, creativity and other important skills that allow your child to give back to the world, no matter what path they choose.
  • Like-Minded Peers. Your child will be immersed in an environment filled with peers and faculty with a shared commitment to Christian values. School is a perfect opportunity for your child to build lifelong friendships, and at our school, your child will grow alongside other students following the footsteps of Christ. 
  • Inspirational Role Models. Children need role models to look up to as they learn more about themselves and the world they live in. Our staff shares the same values as your family, and our teachers are dedicated to helping children practice their faith. We are here to encourage your child so that they can accomplish incredible things in the future. 

An Enriching Curriculum to Further Your Child’s Knowledge

At Crown Point Christian School, you and your child will discover a wide range of courses and after-school clubs. We have something for every child’s interests, including athletics, robotics clubs, musical organizations and art club. With so much to choose from, your child can learn invaluable lessons in and out of the classroom. Some of our courses include: 

  • Mathematics
  • Dual language immersion
  • Art
  • Music

We’re confident that you’ll appreciate everything our school has to offer, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Visit Our School Today

If you are interested in what Crown Point Christian School has to offer, we invite you and your family to learn more about the admissions process. We are excited to help you and your child see if our school is the right fit. Call today to learn more about our “NWI private school near me.”

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