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Middle School Christian Education Near Me

Parents want nothing more than for their children to receive a quality, well-rounded education. Finding the best middle school Christian education near your home is a priority, as your child’s schooling impacts their lifelong success, future endeavors, social relationships and spirituality. Crown Point Christian School is committed to helping children grow into faithful, compassionate leaders who make a positive impact in the world. At our school, your child receives a full educational experience through a Christian lens. Learn more about our school, accreditation and more by contacting us. 

What Parents Should Know About Middle School Christian Education

Crown Point Christian School believes faith-based education is paramount to your child’s development into a bright-minded individual ready to make a difference in the community. Our education integrates Christian ethics regarding kindness, generosity, respect and hard work. Developing these morals supports your child’s long-term goals well beyond high school graduation, gearing them to lead Christian lives. Parents will be pleased to know that we are accredited by Christian Schools International. Our curriculum meets state-mandated requirements, and our school improvement strategy supports our students’ best interests. 

How to Enroll Your Child

Every child deserves access to quality education. Our mission is to accept many students into our school as we prioritize diversity and community. We’re committed to high standards and ideals, meaning there are certain admissions criteria in place to determine which prospective students are right for our program

Your Child Finds Their Calling Through Middle School Christian Education in NW Indiana

In order to live a fulfilling, meaningful life, your child should find his or her calling. At our school, we provide many pathways to uncover your child’s talents. In addition to a rigorous curriculum and engaging coursework, your child can join one of our many extracurricular activities, providing additional opportunities to meet new friends and make the most of their school experience. A faith-based education, paired with sports, musical groups and artistic pursuits, lets your child find their place in the world. You’ll proudly watch your child grow into a faithful, confident individual through our Christian educational program. 

If you are interested in everything we have to offer to your child, get in touch with us to learn more about our middle school Christian education near you. Review our admission requirements, discuss tuition and learn what makes us one of the best Christian schools in NW Indiana. You may request information by calling us or through our online form. Crown Point Christian School looks forward to meeting you and your family. 

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