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Christian Private School in Schererville

Choosing the right school for your child can be challenging. Depending on where you live, public school may be a viable option. Or, for parents who are looking for more academic rigor or are hoping to surround their child with certain values and ideals, private school may be a better fit for a family. At Crown Point Christian School, we maintain a Christian private school in Schererville for children ages pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. To learn more about our school and why we’re a superior choice for your child’s education, reach out to our Indiana school today.

Academics and Values

Our Christian private school prioritizes Christian values and strong academic excellence. We are accredited by Christian Schools International and the Indiana State Board of Education. We strive for academic success and expect our students to perform well; in order to be admitted into our school as a transfer student, we ask that students show documentation of academic achievement in the form of report cards and standardized test scores.

In addition to our goal to ensure that every student strives academically within our private school, we also are committed to creating thoughtful, intentional Christian leaders and community members. We take faith seriously and teach Christian values such as honesty, discipline, obedience, respect, tolerance, love, courtesy, and cooperation.

Our Community

Our community and the families of the students within our school are very important to use. To support our community and our students, we offer:

  • After-school clubs;
  • Athletics programs;
  • A parents’ club;
  • Gymnasium rental;
  • Summer camps;
  • Hot lunch program; 
  • Before-school clubs; and
  • More.

Additionally, we look beyond Crown Point Christian School. When we say “beyond CPCS,” we’re referring to our commitment to and belief in our calling to look beyond ourselves and outside our walls. To do this, we are committed to the values of stewardship, service, and impact. To satisfy these values, we actively use our talent, time, and finances outside the walls of our school; we form local community relationships; and we look for ways to give students purpose and meaning outside of the classroom. 

What to Know About Admissions

If you are hoping to enroll your student in Crown Point Christian School or learn more about the admissions process, please reach out to us directly. Some important things that you should know are that we expect families to be willing to cooperate with Crown Point Christian School and fulfill financial obligations (tuition); we expect families to be active church members, within at least one of the child’s parents signing an agreement with the CPCS statement of faith; and we expect students to have a record of satisfactory academic performance.

Call Our Christian Private School in Schererville Today

Do you want to learn more about our Christian private school in Schererville? If so, please feel free to reach out to us. We offer superior education and academic services while also prioritizing our relationship with, and our students’ relationship with, God. If you’re looking for an educational experience for your child that is focused on faith, family, service, community, and educational rigor, you can count on our school. 

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