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If you’re a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child. This includes making sure your child has access to the best education. At Crown Point Christian School, we pride ourselves on being the best private school—Crown Point. With a reputation for excellence and a strong commitment to our students’ success, our school offers the academic and moral structure and guidance that your child—and your family—will appreciate. Reach out to us today to learn more about our academic programs and our mission.

Our Mission

We strive to shape young minds and hearts to see the glory of Christ in all things while also achieving academic success. To do this, we take a two-pronged approach that focuses on religion, morals, values, and living a God-centered life while also prioritizing top academic instruction, curriculum, and technology. 

We have three strong ideals that we strive to promote:

  • First, we hope to develop the Christian values of love, virtue, honesty, discipline, obedience, respect, and tolerance in our students. We aim to help students develop these values not just in the classroom, but in their lives as future leaders and professionals.
  • Second, we focus on developing our students into Christian citizens and leaders.
  • And third, it’s our goal to ensure that each student lives up to their full potential based on their unique talents and abilities. For this reason, we provide personalized attention to each and every student who walks through our doors.

Our Academics

Our Crown Point Christian School academics are focused on five different elements:

  • General education. As mentioned, our general education is based on developing a student’s gifts and natural abilities and talents while also helping them to grow in areas where they might not be as naturally gifted. 
  • Dual-language immersion. We offer a dual-language immersion program for Kindergarten through 8th. This is a great way for your student to not only learn another language, but start to build empathy for other cultures and people.  
  • STEAM. Standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Humanities, and Mathematics, our school offers a completely STEAM-centric class in addition to our other curricula. 
  • Student services. We know that each student is unique and has unique needs and abilities. This is why we always take a student-centric approach and prioritize providing personalized services. 
  • Technology. For young people today, being able to deftly navigate various technologies and technological applications will be key to success, not only in the classroom, but in the professional world, too. As technology changes, our school has stayed abreast of the latest and greatest in technological innovations. We use the best technology in our instruction as appropriate, and also make sure that our students are up to speed on the technology that will lead them to success.

Learn More About the Best Private School in Crown Point

As your family looks for a high-quality Christian private school in Crown Point and the surrounding areas, consider Crown Point Christian School. We have excellent reviews from students and families, are accredited by Christian Schools International, hire qualified teachers who fulfill all of the legal requirements set forth by the state of Indiana, and are committed to positively supporting our students, our families, and our community. To learn more about Crown Point Christian School and why we’re the best private school, Crown Point, contact us today!

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