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Best NWI Christian Elementary School

As a parent in Northwest Indiana, choosing a high-quality school for your elementary-aged child is surely a top priority. Where your child goes to school and the experience they have at that school can impact their long-term education and learning, their future opportunities, their social relationships, their values, their spirituality, and their overall wellbeing. At Crown Point Christian School, we are committed to providing superior education to our students, and have been called the best NWI Christian elementary school. Please connect with us today to learn more about our education, accreditation, values, and how to enroll your student for the upcoming school year. 

What You Should Know About Crown Point Christian School

At Crown Point Christian School, we offer values-based education that focuses on developing Christian morals and ethics related to love, kindness, honesty, courtesy, tolerance, respect, and cooperation; developing strong leadership and citizenship; and developing Christian learning. Our school is accredited by Christian Schools International as well as the Indiana State Board of Education. These accreditations mean that in addition to serving the educational needs of our pupils as they prepare to lead Christian lives, our educational standards also meet state legal requirements and standards pertaining to student achievements and our school improvement plan. 

Enrolling Your Child in Our Christian Elementary School in Northwest Indiana

We believe that all students deserve access to a high-quality education and we strive to accept as many students into our school as possible while remaining committed to our high standards and ideals. For admission into our program for students agees pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, our admissions criteria include:

  • Families must be willing and able to cooperate with our school in all situations;
  • Families must be able and willing to meet our school’s tuition requirements;
  • Students must have a history of high academic performance, which should be demonstrated by report cards, standardized test results, recommendations from past teachers, etc.;
  • Families of students must be involved in regular and active church worship, as verified by their pastor’s signature on our Pastor Reference Form; and
  • At least one of the student’s parents must be a confessing Christian who is a member of an evangelical Protestant church – this parent will need to sign an agreement with the CPSC statement of faith. 

Giving Your Child the Best Christian Education

If you are a Christian and your faith is important to you, enrolling your child in a Christian school where you can take comfort in knowing that your child is getting a great academic education as well as a strong faith-based education is important. At Crown Point Christian School, we are committed to our students, their experiences, and God. We set high standards for our students, who constantly exceed our expectations as they learn and grow in our Christian community.

To learn more about our tuition requirements, admissions, our mission statement and values, and why we’re regarded as one of the best NWI Christian elementary schools, please call us directly or request information online at your convenience. 

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