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Best Northwest Indiana Christian Private School

For parents who are Christian and who are looking for high-quality education for their children, enrollment in a high-performing Christian private school is an exceptional option. At Crown Point Christian School, we’ve been designated as the best Northwest Indiana Christian private school. To learn more about our programs, our expectations, our values, and our academic achievement, please call us today or send us an inquiry online. 

Our Christian Private School Educational Programs

Our Christian private school programs are designed for children pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Here’s an overview of each of these programs and the entrance requirements–

  • Pre-kindergarten. Pre-kindergarten students must be four years old by the first of September of the enrolling school year. In some cases, early entrance petitions for students who will turn four by September 30th of the school year may be accepted. 
  • Kindergarten. For kindergarten-aged students, students must be five years old by the first of September of the applicable school year in order to be accepted. As with pre-kindergarten programs, a petition for early entrance may be filed in some cases. 
  • Grades first through eighth. In order for students to be accepted to grades first through eighth, students will need to meet admission requirements (discussed below) and will also need to show documentation of having successfully passed the previous grade level. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Northwest Indiana Christian Private School

We know that you may have numerous questions about what to expect when enrolling your child in our Northwest Indiana Christian private school. Some common questions that we hear from parents include: 

  • Can I enroll my child mid-year? Transferring to a new school at the beginning of the school year is often the smoothest, best option for students and teachers alike; however, we realize that may not always be possible. We will process mid-year applications after the start of the second quarter. If you have any questions, please call us directly. 
  • How much does tuition cost? Our tuition costs vary depending on the number of days you want your child enrolled in our pre-kindergarten program, as well as how many children from the same family are attending our school. For example, admission for the first student is priced at a certain rate, and then decreases for the second and third student; the fourth student from a single family can enroll at no additional cost. Our tuition costs are adjusted year-over-year. 
  • What are the requirements for admission? Please see our full list of criteria for admission or call us directly to learn more. In general, we request that students meet high standards of academic performance, as demonstrated by report cards and test scores, and that families are active participants in church services. 

Enroll Your Child in the Best Northwest Indiana Christian Private School Today

If you are ready to provide your child with a high-quality education that focuses on superior academic performance, Christian values, and preparing your child to live their best Christian life, call Crown Point Christian School today. We are the best Northwest Indiana Christian private school in the area and have a reputation for excellence. 

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