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Parents want the best education for their children. Ensuring that your child’s needs are placed at the forefront is essential, and that’s what we do at Crown Point Christian School. All aspects of our school prioritize the teachings of the Bible and integrate those values into our athletics, curriculum and extracurricular activities. As the “best Christian school near me,” our goal is to help our students become people who change the world. Get started by scheduling a tour to see if we’re the right choice for your family. 

Best Christian School Near Me With Wide Range of Offerings

Here at Crown Point Christian School, we provide every student with the opportunity to achieve their goals. Our experienced staff is here to assist your child along their educational journey. We provide a number of classes and extracurricular organizations to provide a well-rounded school experience. We shape our student’s minds to see the glory of Christ and his teachings in all they do, and these values are integrated into every aspect of our curriculum: 

  • Academics. Our curriculum upholds state general educational standards. We provide an enriching assortment of courses from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. Some of our offerings include dual language immersion, music, STEAM and more. Your child will be well-prepared for secondary education and beyond. 
  • Art. Students get to enjoy a number of artistic pursuits. We believe creativity is an avenue for personal expression and spiritual exploration. 
  • Music. From orchestra to band, we have every musical group your child may be interested in. Music encourages children to work together and perform for the community and fellow classmates. 
  • Athletics. Does your child dream of being the star of the field? We provide basketball, soccer, baseball and many other popular sports. Your child will learn critical team-building skills while building invaluable social connections. 

We believe all of our offerings contribute to our students’ happiness and satisfaction. During this important time in your child’s life, we equip them with all of the skills needed for future success. Your child isn’t a mere spectator: he or she will participate in various clubs that lead them to their calling. 

Why Choose Crown Point Christian School?

There’s nothing more important to a parent than ensuring their child is set for life. You want to be confident in the education they are receiving and to know it aligns with your family’s values. Crown Point Christian School is committed to providing an outstanding education that upholds God’s most important values. We want our students to view Christ in every part of life, and we do so by integrating these teachings into our coursework and clubs. At our school, children are encouraged to learn what they are called to do. We help each student find their path, no matter what they may be. Whether your child wishes to go to college someday or is interested in trade school, we support them every step of the way. 

Call the “Best Christian School Near Me?

Crown Point Christian School is proud to be the “best Christian school near me.” Call us today to learn more about the admissions process. 

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