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Elementary Student Services Aide

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Elementary Student Services Aide

Now accepting applications for a full-time elementary student services aide for the 2024-2025 school year. This individual is a member of the Student Services team and support the academic and social success of groups of students, guided by the student's teachers.

Job Description: (Download Opportunity Profile)

The Student Services Aide supports the academic and social success of students by providing direct instruction and support throughout the school day, guided by the student's teachers. The Student Services Aide serves as a member of the Student Services team and is responsible for actively supporting the mission, vision, and promotion of Crown Point Christian School.


  • High school diploma

  • Previous experience with children or students with special needs is preferred

  • ParaPro certification or college credit is preferred

  • Must demonstrate personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

  • Active member/regular attendee of a Bible-believing church

Desirable Traits:

  • Passion to help students achieve their God-given potential

  • Must understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality regarding student information

  • Will be part of a complementary relationship with classroom teachers that results in teamwork, a free exchange of ideas, and enhanced problem-solving

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Foster student independence, socialization, and self-esteem.

  • Assist in adapting instructional activities and materials according to learner needs.

  • Follow written or oral plans and instructions, seeking clarification as needed.

  • Communicate student needs or concerns to appropriate persons.

  • Respect confidentiality and demonstrate discretion.

  • Maintain clear and accurate records.

  • Demonstrate flexibility to changes in schedules, plans, assignments, etc.

  • Respond appropriately to, and act on, constructive feedback.

  • Show initiative in appropriate situations.

  • Participate in professional development activities designed to improve student behavior management, student instruction, student social development and school culture.

  • Perform other duties to support the ongoing development of a student, classroom, or our school environment, as deemed appropriate by the direct report and the Student Services Director.

For More Information:

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