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3-Day Front Office Team Member

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3-Day Front Office Team Member

Now accepting applications for a 3-Day Front Office Team Member who will work 8 hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Multiple individuals will serve in this position to form the CPCS Front Office team. This team must work seamlessly and interchangeably to provide continuous, outstanding support during the school office hours of operation.


  • Create a welcoming environment in the office and school through Christ-like attitudes and interactions with staff, parents, board members, students, and the community.

  • Provide front-line security and increased safety for students and families through careful attention to visitor screening, attendance, first aid, student record confidentiality, and carpool dismissal.

  • Provide support to staff and students by collecting and distributing items and deliveries, keeping the workroom functional and organized, and purchasing items including curriculum and other resources.


  • Experience, Training, and Licensure

    • Bachelor’s degree preferred

    • School experience preferred

  • Professional Profile

    • Communicate professionally and effectively both verbally and in writing.

    • Work as a team player to accomplish goals.

    • Be proficient in Excel and Word as well as Google Sheets and Docs.

    • Be a quick learner, willing to embrace new technology and office systems.

    • Work efficiently with many interruptions in a fast-paced environment.

    • Treat others in a Christ-like and professional manner.

    • Possess strong organizational and time management skills.

    • Demonstrate good judgment in addressing issues.

    • Respect confidentiality and maintain high levels of discretion.

    • Be proactive and seek ways to add value to the school community.


  • Reception & Security

    • Answer and transfer incoming phone calls and voice messages.

    • Greet all visitors with a friendly and welcoming demeanor, allow (or deny) entry, and track check-in and check-out.

    • Run sex offender registry checks on all visitors and handle exceptions with diplomacy and grace.

    • Maintain live feed of security cameras.

    • Maintain sign-in sheets for students and parent volunteers.

    • Locate and call for students whose parents come to pick them up early.

    • Respond to emails sent to general inboxes: cpcs@, info@ and attendance@.

  • Attendance

    • Review attendance information entered by homeroom teachers and follow up with teachers and parents as needed.

    • Correspond with parents regarding attendance and record in FACTS.

    • Communicate attendance information to staff.

  • Student First Aide

    • Assist students with injuries/illness by providing comfort and primary medical care, including bandaids, ice packs, mints, Tylenol (where authorized), and clothing changes.

    • Document all medical incidents and contact parents as needed.

    • Contact the nurse for serious injuries.

  • Student Cumulative Files

    • Maintain and secure student cum files for all students.

    • Update with required information each year.

    • Send files to new schools as requested by parents & file graduates and withdrawn students.

  • Carpool Dismissal

    • Assist outside carpool staff with pickup changes & corrections.

    • During the afternoon dismissal process, call names as needed via intercom.

    • Close afternoon carpool with a final announcement.

    • Initiate a manual system if the online dismissal tool goes down.

  • Collect and Distribute

    • Make changes to parent and student info in FACTS SIS and provide applicable updates to the development team for the donor database.

    • Monitor deliveries and communicate with staff and students as needed.

    • Receive all mail/deliveries and distribute as appropriate.

    • Oversee collection of receipts for Apples for Students.

    • Oversee distribution of yearbooks and fliers to homerooms.

  • Workroom Support

    • Oversee routine maintenance schedule for copiers.

    • Troubleshoot copier issues and call for service as needed.

    • Stock the coffee station with beverage supplies and paper products.

    • Weekly declutter the workroom table, refrigerator, and counters.

    • Prepare timesheet template and make copies for hourly staff.

    • Nightly restock copiers with paper.

  • Staff PD and Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) Support

    • Purchase and coordinate food/beverage/service for staff professional development and PTC.

    • Assist with administrative support tasks as requested by the Admin Team.

  • Purchasing

    • Purchase items including office/workroom supplies and provide receipts to the Finance Assistant for reconciliation.

    • Ensure all purchases are approved by the appropriate Admin Team member and are processed tax-free.

    • Document physical receipt of items and stamp as CPCS property, if necessary.

    • Communicate with the milk company regarding supply & delivery needs.

  • Gym Rentals

    • Communicate with renters regarding rental policies, dates, and payments.

    • Check dates with the school calendar and with the Athletic Director.

    • Reserve rooms requested on the “Internal Meetings or Rentals” calendar.

    • Collect Rental Agreements and payments from renters & submit to the business office.

    • Schedule unlocking/locking of doors, and communicate with Facilities Manager regarding temperature control.

    • Supply cleaning checklist/equipment for renters and follow up after the event to make sure space is left clean and in good repair.

    • Schedule Event Host if requested and paid for by the renter.

  • Other Duties as assigned by Direct Report.

Position Details

  • Hourly, at-will employee. Reports to the Director of Advancement.

    • School year schedule:

      • Monday-Friday, 7:30am-3:30pm or 7:45am-3:45pm

    • Summer schedule for only 1 team member:

      • Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-12:30pm or 8:00am-1:00pm

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10550 Park Place

St. John, IN 46373



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