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Go Royals!

Crown Point Christian School offers a wide range of athletic activities and sports to our middle school students. These opportunities serve to develop their physical skills, mental resilience, and social awareness. CPCS parent can find current season sports info and registration details in the School, Resource Document section of the Family Portal.

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We welcome spectators to all of our events ~ for home and away games. GO ROYALS!



We abide by the same principle as the IHSSA: http://www.ihsaa.org/. IHSAA Rule 3-10 requires that “Between April 1 and student’s first Practice in preparation for interschool athletic participation, the student shall have a physical examination by, or shall provide certification from, a physician holding an unlimited license to practice medicine, a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant, who shall clear the student for athletic participation.” This physical form must be completed and turned into the athletic office BEFORE tryouts.

PLEASE NOTE: All students are required to complete and submit forms A, B, & C on the parent portal BEFORE tryouts. If these forms were completed in the portal last year, they do not need to be completed again. (If you’re unsure, you can follow the below steps to check.) There must be a form on file for every student who participates.

How to fill out forms A, B & C:

  • Log into the Parent Portal.
  • Under the School section, click on Web Forms then choose Athletic Permission Forms
  • Next to each athlete’s name, click CPCS Athletic Permission Form
  • Complete and save your consent for each child who is participating in CPCS athletics
  • Using the links provided within the form, update your child’s Emergency Contact AND Medical Information. Use your browser Back button to return to the previous screen.
  • Repeat the process for each athlete in your family
Fall Sports

Cross Country (6th-8th grade)

Co-ed Soccer (6th-8th grade)

Girls’ Volleyball (7th-8th grade)

Winter Sports

Girls’ Cheerleading (6th-8th grade)

Boys’ Basketball (6th-8th grade)

Girls’ Basketball (6th-8th grade)

Spring Sports

Boys’ Volleyball (7th-8th grade)

Co-ed Track (6th-8th grade)

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