IMG_2674CPCS has taken the mantle in preparing our students for this ever changing world. The amount of technology at their fingertips and the rapidly changing job market requires us to produce learners that are able to communicate, problem solve, and adapt while being able to use technology to research, analyze, and produce answers and innovation. Furthermore, we are called as Christians to accomplish these tasks within a framework that glorifies God, furthers the Gospel, and expands His Kingdom. Technology helps us achieve our calling in life, both as Christians and as lifelong learners.


Thanks to the help and generosity of the school community and various individuals who identified a need and had a vision for a technologically progressive school and education, CPCS has been able to stay at the forefront of innovative educational techniques.

In the spring of 2011 CPCS piloted a one-to-one technology program in the Middle School. At that time, all of our 7th and 8th graders received laptops for use at home and school. Over the next few years, CPCS has continually added laptop computers to other grade levels as well with the hope of creating a many-to-one setting within those classes. This, coupled with the installation of SMART Boards in every classroom down to first grade, has resulted in greater technological availability for our students. However, the availability of technology does not change a child’s education, our students are impacted by how this technology is regularly integrated into their learning. Through hands on learning opportunities, stimulating visual lessons, and an interactive approach to the technology and collaboration with their peers – technology is providing our students an education that meets the needs of a 21st century learner.


  • Our one-to-one laptop program puts technology in the hands of our middle school students and gives them continual access to learning resources and collaboration tools.

  • SMART Boards put the learning literally at each child’s fingertip – the interactivity and flexibility of the device provides teachers the opportunity to customize a lesson for the diverse learning styles in their classroom and produce content that is real and intriguing to our technologically conscious student.

  • CPCS is able to utilize technology to address the learning struggles some of our students face. Student Services has access to wide range of technologies and software that allow us to meet the diverse needs of these segments of our student population.


  • IMG_3692As our students progress through CPCS we want to continually challenge them academically while growing their knowledge of our Lord and his creation. Technology opens up to our students an incredible opportunity to access and explore God’s world and enhance learning in meaningful, thought provoking ways.

  • We envision making a variety of technologies available to each student, increasing the integration of technology into everyday lesson planning.IMG_3250

  • Strengthening our approach to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) type activities.

  • Fostering greater collaboration between students.

  • Continuing to emphasize hands on/problem based learning.



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