Spanish Immersion

Spanish Immersion is here!

Crown Point Christian School offers Spanish Immersion for Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Crown Point Christian School has contracted with Add.a.lingua, an organization that helps schools design and implement Spanish Immersion programs.  Add.a.lingua dual language immersion is a method of educating students in an instructional setting that allows them to acquire a second language through subject content instruction, educational discourse, and social interaction in the second language.

The curriculum used in Spanish Immersion classes is aligned with state and national standards of excellence, based on the latest research and child development teaching methods.

When is English introduced?DSC_0344

The layout of the K-5 component of the Spanish Immersion program is as follows:

Kindergarten: 100% Spanish

First Grade: 100% Spanish

Second Grade: 100% Spanish

Third Grade: 45 minutes of English instruction per day

Fourth Grade: 60 minutes of English instruction per day

Fifth Grade: 90 minutes of English instruction per day


Will this program affect my child’s literacy skills in English?addalinguaLogo[1]

No, almost all aspects of literacy transfer across languages.  When your child learns to read in one language, those skills transfer to another language quite easily.  Research clearly shows that students in a language immersion program often times score higher on standardized reading tests in English than those students who are only taught in one language.  Throughout the language acquisition process, immersion students may be able to read better in one language than the other.  However, this is a normal part of learning to read, and eventually immersion students read at or above grade level in both languages.

For more information, please contact our Spanish Immersion Point Person, Arlene Mojica at

Feel free to visit the website for add.a.lingua, or consult the Parent Handbook: Add.a.Lingua Parent Handbook.

Here is a CPCS family’s personal experience:  Meet the Housman family.

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