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The Second Grade Bible Curriculum reviews the stories of both the Old and New Testament to emphasize how God keeps His promises. God controls all things and we can rely on Him.

Social Studies

The Second Grade Social Studies Curriculum emphasizes the study of people and their interaction with the world around them.

  • Explain how people depend on others to supply goods and services
  • Identify similarities and differences in people and places around the world
  • Compare cultural similarities and differences and the impact it has on relationships with others living in a community
  • Describe traditions that are learned from ancestors
  • Explain some of the things that identify us as a nation
  • Explain how national holidays are celebrated
  • Describe the duties of a citizen
  • Explain the election process
  • Identify people who have made a difference in the world
  • Describe how individuals impact future generations
  • Interpret maps: compass rose, continents, borders, and map key


The Second Grade Mathematics Curriculum emphasizes addition and subtraction facts as well as two-digit computation with and without regrouping, money, time, comparison of geometric figures by properties, the interpretation of graphs and the application of problem-solving strategies.

  • Show, read, write, compare and order numbers to 10,000
  • Add/subtract two-digit numbers with and without regrouping
  • Add/subtract in one and two-step word problems.
  • Recognize fractional parts
  • Measure using metric/customary units
  • Use the properties of shape
  • Interpret data of graphs, charts and tables

Physical Education

The Second Grade Physical Education Curriculum closely follows the CSI Curriculum and its age-appropriate goals for this age group. As a result of PE activities this year, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate appropriate use of and smooth transitions between motor movements (example: running into jumping…)
  • Demonstrate motor patterns in simple combinations and more complex combinations
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt and adjust movement skills to the needs of another (like tossing a bean bag or ball to a stationary, then moving partner)
  • Demonstrate the ability to work well in groups to accomplish tasks and activities
  • Understand the purpose of rules in games
  • Share equipment and space safely and properly
  • Display a positive attitude toward participation in physical activity
  • Students in second grade will begin to hear and understand some basic health and wellness terms and gain a greater appreciation for the amazing way their God-given body works

Language Arts

The Second Grade Reading Curriculum addresses and emphasizes critical components of reading including phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension of connected text. The components will build a solid foundation for literary understanding while continuing to develop grade-level writing strategies and conventions.

  • Use phonetic cues when reading: beginning/ending sounds; consonant blends; common vowel patterns
  • Use word analysis prefixes, suffixes, roots and inflections) to identify words
  • Use synonyms and antonyms
  • Know basic sight word vocabulary
  • Use meaning and language structure cues when reading
  • Recognize stated and implied main idea
  • Apply predicting and questioning strategies for comprehension
  • Understand basic story elements
  • Write four types of sentences with proper punctuation
  • Use nouns, verbs, pronouns and adjectives correctly
  • Use the stages of the writing process


The second grade students will develop questions on science topics and describe observed events. The Second Grade Pearson Science Curriculum includes the studying of:

  • Nature of Science
  • Technology and Tools
  • Matter, Force and Motion
  • Earth and Sky
  • Life Cycles


The Second Grade Music Curriculum introduces instrumental families and continues to develop music reading and performance skills. Rhythm, melody and note reading is emphasized.

  • Compare, connect and integrate art forms
  • Identify and use appropriate vocabulary in fine arts areas
  • Create and perform age-appropriate material in fine arts areas
  • Recognize, create and demonstrate pattern, repetition and sequence
  • Recognize how the fine arts relate to careers and life-long learning
  • Describe how ideas, moods and celebrations are communicated through the fine arts


The Second Grade Curriculum (standards from IDOE Math, Reading, and Technology Education Curriculum) for computer class:

  • Introduce home row touch typing
  • Continue practicing Microsoft Word
  • Digital citizenship
  • Reinforce math and reading using interactive activities
  • Reflect on Christian beliefs and relationship with God
  • Interactive Bible activities
  • Technology word recognition and spelling at grade level
  • Introduce PowerPoint
  • STEM activities
  • Coding


The Second Grade Curriculum for art class includes:

  • Learn the language of art and its connection to music and drama
  • Learn ways art contributes to our lives
  • Learn that art is a form of communication
  • Experience different media art tools
  • Create art that relates to subjects and cultures
  • Recognize shapes, lines, color, texture, and value of two-dimensional artwork
  • Recognize form in three-dimensional artwork as having height, width and depth
  • Recognize and use elements and principals of art in works and making
  • Build critiquing and analytical skill using famous artists’ work

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