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All curriculum is the same for Kindergarten and Dual Language Immersion Kindergarten.


The Kindergarten Music Curriculum emphasizes singing and movement activities that focus on basic musical elements.

  • Compare, connect and integrate art forms
  • Identify and use appropriate vocabulary in fine arts areas
  • Create and perform age-appropriate material in fine art areas
  • Recognize and respond to a steady beat
  • Understand and demonstrate appropriate audience behavior
  • Develop an awareness of each area of the fine arts in everyday life


The Kindergarten Curriculum (standards from IDOE Math, Reading, and Technology Education Curriculum) for computer:

  • Build digital literacy
  • Digital citizenship
  • Reinforce math and reading using interactive activities
  • Coding


The Kindergarten Curriculum for art will:

  • Learn the language of art and its connection to music and drama
  • Experience different media and tools used in creating art
  • Create art that relates to other subjects and cultures
  • Recognize shapes, lines, color, and texture in three-dimensional artwork
  • Recognize form in three-dimensional artwork as having height, width and depth


The Kindergarten CSI Curriculum studies the stories of The Old Testament and the life of Jesus to help students grow in their understanding of who God is and how He cares for His people. Kindergartners listen to storytelling, memorize scripture and participate in hands-on activities to learn and remember daily lessons.

  • Creation, Patriarchs, The Exodus, Kings and Prophets, The Exile and return to Israel
  • Jesus on earth, Jesus’ miracles, Jesus’ parables, Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the early Christians


The Kindergarten classes use the Everyday Math: University of Chicago Curriculum. The curriculum spirals topics so each is introduced and taught many times throughout the year.

  • Numbers and Numeration
  • Operations and Computation
  • Data and Probability
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Patterning
  • Introductory Algebra
  • Graphing
  • Classification
  • Daily Calendar Activities

Social Studies

The Kindergarten classes use the Macmillian/McGraw-Hill curriculum to introduce students to the world, and our place in it. Students also study beginning map and globe skills.

  • Families
  • Where we live
  • Past generations
  • Needs and wants
  • Cooperating with others


Kindergarten students are introduced to the Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Curriculum. Students are expected to form letters and numbers correctly by the end of the school year.

  • Appropriate writing posture
  • Upper and lower case letter printing
  • Left to right progression
  • Listening and following directions
  • Fine motor skills

Physical Education

The Kindergarten Physical Education Curriculum closely follows the CSI Curriculum and its age-appropriate goals for this age group.

  • Demonstrate appropriate use of and smooth transitions between motor movements (example: running into jumping…)
  • Demonstrate motor patterns in simple combinations
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt and adjust movement skills to the needs of another (like tossing a bean bag or ball to a stationary, then moving partner)
  • Demonstrate the ability to work well in groups to accomplish tasks and activities
  • Understand the purpose of rules in games
  • Share equipment and space safely and properly
  • Display a positive attitude toward participation in physical activity
  • Students in kindergarten will begin to hear and understand some basic health and wellness terms and gain a greater appreciation for the amazing way their God-given body works

Language Arts

The Kindergarten Reading Curriculum uses the Pearson Scott Foresman Reading Street and also supplements with Explode the Code later in the year. Weekly homework is given to increase reading fluency and memorization of sight words. Reading Curriculum components:

  • Letter recognition
  • Print/book and phonemic awareness
  • Phonics (long and short vowel sounds and all consonants)
  • Comprehension and reading fluency
  • Weekly journal writing
  • Fine motor skills and communication skills
  • Visual and perceptual skills
  • Comprehensive sight word list and left to right tracking


The Kindergarten Pearson Science Curriculum teaches students how to observe, how to compare and sort during observation, what is a scientist, what is weather and what is living versus non-living.

Kindergarten students study either polar bears or penguins during the winter.  Students observe hatching chicks in spring and learn about chick development and behavior.  All the Kindergarten classes gather once-a-week for special Science experiences that are tied to Christian truths.

ABC’s of Kindergarten

The Crown Point Christian School Kindergarten team has put together a helpful list of the ABC’s of Kindergarten.  This list is designed to help you understand how the Kindergarten class runs and what is expected of both the child and the parent.

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