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The Fourth Grade CSI Curriculum strives to present the Bible as the story of God’s acts and words, infallibly written for us to know God and serve him in all things.

  • Philippians
  • The Bible
  • Review: Creation through Joshua
  • Judges
  • Ruth and Samuel
  • King Saul’s reign
  • Kind David and King Solomon
  • Psalms and Proverbs
  • A divided kingdom
  • Elijah and Elisha
  • After Ahab to Israel’s exile
  • Isaiah


The fourth grade classes use the Everyday Math Curriculum. The instructional design has high expectations for all students, multiple methods and strategies for problem-solving, as well as collaborative learning in partner and small group activities. Technology is also integrated throughout. Our Grade Level Goals are:

Number and Numeration

  • Understand the meanings, uses, and representations of numbers
  • Understand equivalent names for numbers
  • Understand common numerical relations

Operations and Computation

  • Compute accurately
  • Make reasonable estimates
  • Understand meanings of operations

Data and Chance

  • Select and create appropriate graphical representations of collected or given data
  • Analyze and interpret data
  • Understand and apply basic concepts of probability

Measurement and Reference Frames

  • Understand the systems and processes of measurement; use appropriate techniques, tools, units, and formulas in making measurements
  • Use and understand reference frames


  • Investigate the characteristics and properties of two and three-dimensional geometric shapes
  • Apply transformations and symmetry in geometric shapes
  • Apply transformations and symmetry in geometric situations

Patterns, Functions, and Algebra

  • Understand patterns and functions
  • Use algebraic notation to represent and analyze situations and structures

Social Studies

The Fourth Grade Social Studies curriculum focuses on Indiana as a state and how we fit into the history of the United States. Throughout the year we cover:

  • Indiana’s land and people
  • Early Indiana
  • Creating a state
  • Indiana grows
  • Indiana in modern times
  • Indiana today

In each of these areas, students will be able to develop skills such as:

  • Using maps
  • Using and creating charts and graph
  • Finding the main idea and details
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Reading primary and secondary sources
  • Using timelines

Physical Education

The Fourth Grade Physical Education curriculum closely follows the CSI curriculum and the age-appropriate goals for students. PE activities this year will challenge students to develop their God-given talents by being able to:

  • Demonstrate mature form and control when performing combinations and sequences in motion and skills related to games and movement
  • Identify and apply techniques that improve the performance of movement and games
  • Follow activity-specific rules, procedures, and etiquette in gameplay
  • Know and understand applicable fitness terms as they relate to ways to live healthy lives
  • Understand how participation in regular physical activity helps an individual reach specific health-related goals
  • Practice safe play while in the gym setting and during activities
  • Accept decisions regarding rules, infractions or decisions by teachers with grace and good sportsmanship

As a result of health and wellness instruction in grade four, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate healthy ways to express wants, needs, and feelings
  • Explain how to make responsible decisions
  • Know and understand the keys to health and wellness
  • Explain how body systems work together in the amazing way God created them
  • Explain ways the body changes and matures

Language Arts

The National Geographic Reach for Reading Curriculum:

  • Engages students with exclusive National Geographic content and authentic texts.
  • Students learn skills and strategies with an accessible anthology.
  • Students apply skills and strategies for comprehension.
  • Daily Fluency activities.


  • Scaffolded writing instruction with exercises such as generative sentences, daily writing skills, power writing, and use of writing models.

Language Arts

  • Students make connections using an integrated language arts approach and we cover spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and penmanship.


In fourth grade our Pearson Indiana Interactive Science Curriculum consists of:

Science, Engineering, and Technology

  • The Nature of Science
  • Technology and Design
  • Technology and Motion

Physical Science

  • Energy
  • Heat
  • Electricity

Earth Science

  • Earth’s Changing Surface

Life Science

  • Interactions


The Fourth Grade Music Curriculum introduces performing ensembles and expands on notational skills and music vocabulary.

  • Compare, connect and integrate art forms
  • Identify and use appropriate vocabulary in fine arts areas
  • Create and perform age-appropriate material in fine arts areas
  • Identify, recognize and respond to various musical symbols
  • Analyze how the fine arts function in history, society and everyday life
  • Read and write basic musical notation
  • Identify and implement specific elements in fine arts areas
  • Continued development of music skills on recorder


The Fourth Grade Curriculum (standards from IDOE Math, Reading, and Technology Education Curriculum) for computer class:

  • Continue home row touch typing
  • Introduce Microsoft Publisher
  • Digital citizenship
  • Reflect on Christian beliefs and relationship with God
  • Interactive Bible activities
  • Reinforce math and reading using interactive activities
  • Continue Google search skills
  • Introduce Google drive
  • Coding
  • STEM activities
  • Technology word recognition and spelling at grade level


The Fourth Grade Curriculum for art class includes:

  • Learn the language of art and its connection to music and drama
  • Learn many ways art contributes to our lives
  • Learn that art is a form of communication
  • Experience different media and tools used in creating art
  • Create art that relates to other subjects and cultures
  • Recognize shapes, lines, color, texture, and value in two-dimensional artwork
  • Recognize form in three-dimensional artwork as having height, width and depth
  • Recognize the elements and principles of art in works of art
  • Build critiquing and analytical skills using famous artists’ work

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