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All curriculum is the same for first grade and Dual Language Immersion first grade.


The First Grade Music Curriculum emphasizes beginning music reading, performance skills and classification of sound sources.

  • Compare, connect and integrate art forms
  • Identify and use appropriate vocabulary in fine arts areas
  • Recognizes and understand the basic tools used in fine arts areas
  • Create and perform age-appropriate material in fine arts areas
  • Recognize the role of fine arts in various cultures, times and places
  • Understand that printed music moves from left to right
  • Begin to formulate opinions (likes and dislikes) in fine arts areas


The First Grade Curriculum (standard from IDOE Math, Reading, and Technology Education Curriculum) for computer class:

  • Digital literacy
  • Two-handed, ten-finger typing
  • Introduce Microsoft Word
  • Digital citizenship
  • Reinforce math and reading using interactive activities
  • Coding
  • Interactive Bible activities
  • Technology word recognition and spelling at grade level


The First Grade Curriculum for art class will:

  • Learn the language of art and its connection to music and drama
  • Learn ways art contributes to our lives
  • Learn that art is a form of communication
  • Experience different media and tools used in creating art
  • Create art that relates to other subjects and cultures
  • Recognize shapes, lines, color, texture, and value in two-dimensional artwork
  • Recognize form in three-dimensional artwork as having height, width and depth
  • Build skill levels in various media


The First Grade Bible Curriculum is taught using the CSI publication, The Story of God’s People: God’s Plan. The NIV Adventure Bible for Early Readers is also used to supplement the lessons. The NIV Bible is used for memory work.

  • The Bible—God’s Story and the World God Made, The Patriarch, from Slavery to the Promised Land, the Judges and Ruth, the Early Monarchy, The Peaceful Reign of Solomon, Kings, Prophets, Captivity, and Return, Jesus the Savior, the Early Church, Thanksgiving and Christmas


The First Grade Math Curriculum is taught using the Everyday Mathematics program. Everyday Mathematics uses a realistic approach to problem-solving in everyday situations. It also revisits topics regularly to ensure a full understanding.

  • Number and Numeration: counting, reading, writing and modeling whole numbers; investigating place value; exploring fractions; using ordinal numbers
  • Operations and Computation: learning addition and subtraction facts and exploring fact families; exploring the value of coin combinations
  • Data and Chance: collecting, organizing, and displaying data using tally charts, tables, line plots, and graphs; exploring concepts of chance
  • Measurement and Reference Frames: using tools to measure length and weight; using clocks, calendar, timelines, and thermometers
  • Geometry: exploring 2-and 3-dimensional shapes
  • Patterns, Functions, and Algebra: exploring attributes, patterns, and sequences, relations and functions; finding missing numbers and rules in Frames-and-Arrows and “What’s My Rule?” problems

Social Studies

The First Grade Social Studies curriculum is taught using the Macmillan McGraw-Hill program. In each unit, children will focus on a particular theme. In addition to these themes, charts, diagrams, timelines, and maps will be studied.

  • Families and neighbors
  • All about earth
  • Life long ago
  • All about work
  • Our government

Physical Education

The First Grade Physical Education Curriculum closely follows the CSI Curriculum and its age-appropriate goals for this age group. As a result of PE activities this year, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate appropriate use of and smooth transitions between motor movements (example: running into jumping…)
  • Demonstrate motor patterns in simple combinations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt and adjust movement skills to the needs of another (like tossing a bean bag or ball to a stationary, then moving partner)
  • Demonstrate the ability to work well in groups to accomplish tasks and activities
  • Understand the purpose of rules in games
  • Share equipment and space safely and properly
  • Display a positive attitude toward participation in physical activity
  • Students in kindergarten will begin to hear and understand some basic health and wellness terms and gain a greater appreciation for the amazing way their God-given body works

Language Arts

The First Grade Reading Curriculum is taught using Pearson Scott Foresman Reading Street. All lessons contain three sections.

Part one teaches sounds and letters, phonemic awareness, phonics, and word knowledge.

Part two teaches authentic literature, comprehension strategies and skills instruction, and inquiry and investigation.

Part three teaches spelling, vocabulary, writing process strategies, grammar usage and mechanics, listening and speaking, and penmanship.

  • Use phonetic cues when reading: beginning-ending consonants, vowel sounds, beginning, middle, end sounds, word patterns, and rhyming words
  • Know basic high-frequency words
  • Use comprehension strategies such as: visualization, making connections, asking questions, predicting, summarizing, monitoring and adjusting reading speed, and monitoring and clarifying
  • Identify basic punctuation: period, question mark, and exclamation point
  • Write simple sentences


The First Grade Science Curriculum is taught using the FOSS (Full Option Science System) program. The FOSS system allows students to learn real science through a carefully planned and coordinated curriculum. FOSS is a researched-based, classroom-tested program that uses hands-on science in the classroom.

  • Life Science: Insects
  • Physical Science: Solids and Liquids
  • Earth Science: Air and Weather

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