You Be The Chemist Local Challenge

On Saturday, March 21, 2015, fourteenYBTC CPCS middle school students participated in the 2015 St. John, Indiana, You Be The Chemist (YBTC) Local Challenge. This is the first year YBTC was held in our area and it was well received by our students and their parents.  Students competed by responding to six rounds of chemistry-related questions.  Congratulations to Haleigh Olthof (8th grade) for placing first and to Zeke Huls (8th grade) for placing as first runner up.

Larry Ernyk, Indiana State YBTC organizer, conveyed, “Thanks to you and your students for participating in the 2015 St. John, Indiana, You Be the Chemist Local Challenge on Saturday, March 21.  We were very impressed with the performance of all fourteen students who participated in the Challenge.  You should be very proud of all of them.”  Way to go CPCS participants!!

Chris Boomsma, CPCS parent and Research Scientist for Dow Agrosciences, helped coordinate this event along with Mr. Groen, CPCS Assistant Principal, Beatriz Cisneros of Purdue University, and Katie Effinger of Dow Agrosciences.  A great big thank you to all for the great work they did putting on the St. John Challenge.

To learn more about YBTC, please check out these links ~ and


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