Throwback Thursday: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Crown Point Christian School – Teachers of Impact

My first day as a fourth-grader and Jeff Stallinga’s first day as a teacher both took place in the same Highland Christian School classroom.  I don’t remember everything I learned during 4th grade, but I will always remember Mr. Stallinga being one of the best teachers I ever had.  He was passionate about teaching and it was evident that he had fun helping us to not only understand what we were learning, but how it related to God’s creation.

My 10th birthday was right after the end of 4th grade and my parents told me I could invite all of the boys in my class to a pool party.  I told them I wanted to invite Mr. Stallinga as well.  On June 25, 1989, I was swimming and eating cake in my backyard with about 15 ten-year-olds and my favorite teacher. Stallinga Photo

It might have only been a couple hours out of Mr. Stallinga’s summer day, but I’ll never forget how cool it was that my teacher came to my birthday party.  For Jeff Stallinga, my 4th grade class and my birthday party were just the beginning of a career full of impacting the lives of his students.

Fast forward 26 years to today: Mr. Jeff Stallinga is a middle school teacher at Crown Point Christian School and my son is 10 years old and in a 4th grade classroom down the hall.  Coming out of parent/teacher conferences last week, it is evident that my children are in equally qualified hands.  As a school board member, I love the fact that our teachers aren’t just teaching reading, writing, science, and math…they are also incorporating and reinforcing the faith that we share in Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Mr. Stallinga, and thank you to all of the wonderful staff and teachers at Crown Point Christian School.  You are, by far, the one of the most important assets to our association, and your impact is far greater than you will ever know.  Thank you and God bless you.

Written by Phil Eenigenburg, Board of Trustee and parent of CPCS students

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