Throwback Thursday: CPCS 30th Anniversary – God as Creator, Leader, Designer

KalamazooAfter 22 years of praying, waiting and trusting, we dedicated our Crown Point Christian School building to the Lord with an unwavering mission to shape young minds and hearts to see the glory of God in all things.  It was a long journey that was prayed over, researched, studied, and toiled over.  Our history points directly to one Creator, one Leader, one Designer.  The Lord led four developers of our property to have a vision for a Christian school to be planted on this very spot we are located.  We are thankful for the opportunity they gave to us to build our home here in St. John, Indiana.

So how did the administration and board at that time decide on the floor plan and design of this building?  In 2004, the property which we are located on was a vast cornfield.  Initially the leadership of CPCS talked about erecting a prefabricated building to begin the first phase of building.  The board president at that time, Jack Huls, frequented Michigan often to visit family.  He would drive by Kalamazoo Christian West Elementary School — a beautiful school.  When our developers wanted ideas for a design, Jack suggested the school in Michigan.  Shortly thereafter, a team of individuals took a trip to tour the school and evaluate the plan.  Kalamazoo2Through the leading of the Lord and the discernment given through the Holy Spirit, we choose to build the same floor plan.  It was a plan that accommodated for the anticipated growth of our school, the need for multiple carpool drop off points and opportunities for increased programs, activities, and future flexibility and development.

Acts 17:26:  “And He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place.” 

We are so thankful that God in His sovereignty placed us in this town, this neighborhood, for this season.  May He truly be glorified in it!


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