Throwback Thursday: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of CPCS – The History of the Waffle Breakfast

DSCN0924The first waffle breakfast was in 1998 at First CRC Crown Point where the school was meeting at that time.  It was started by the Publicity Committee.  One of the objectives was to bring recognition to the school in the local community.  Raising money was also intended but at that point it seemed to be more secondary. At the time the school was very small, and we were trying to get other Christians in the community involved in Christian education.  It was very well attended with long lines of people waiting for their waffles.

We were very intentional in our efforts to make CPCS known in the community.  We sent letters of invitation to all the local evangelical churches, police and fire departments and all local government officials.  Many churches informed their congregations of the event in their church bulletins. We requested email addresses of attenders so we could notify them by email of upcoming waffle breakfasts.   Due to the fact that a waffle breakfast was unique to many other breakfast fundraisers in the community, we began to get regular attenders and the breakfasts eventually grew into a recognized event.DSCN0912


We are so thankful to all of the people throughout all of the years that have worked so hard to make the Waffle Breakfast a loved and much anticipated event.  Please come join us as our first waffle breakfast of the year will be held this Saturday, October 10th from 7:30-10:30am.

Written by Larry Schaap, Former Parent and Board Member and a Friend of CPCS

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