Throwback Thursday: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of CPCS – CEA Convention

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For many of us, Record’s Day and Teacher Inservice is thought of as a break from school.  Many families pack up their minivans and campers and head out to various vacation destinations.  For our teachers here at CPCS, this is a time of renewal and learning during Teacher Inservice.  As a group, our teachers attend the Christian Educators Association (CEA) Convention.  It is held every year in October and provides course offerings, collaboration and encouragement to our teaching staff and administrators.  It is available to all educators who are accredited with Christian Schools International (CSI).

How does this connect in with our history?  From its inception, CSI accreditation and North Central accreditation were priorities and huge benchmarks for the establishment of our school.  Our founders desired a gospel-centered elementary school that set a precedence in excellence in all areas of a student’s education.  In the fall of 2003, we began seeking accreditation with CSI and by the spring of 2005 we celebrated the hard work of so many individuals who helped make accreditation a reality for our school. Principal Ed Mulder provided the leadership needed to obtain the goal.  He once shared, “Attaining accreditation was a major milestone granting credibility to our pursuit of excellence.”

As the weeks go by, we will be sharing more about accreditation and how it affects our school.  It is a process that never stops.  We are a school committed to the pursuit of gospel-centered, student-focused, academic excellence.  May Jesus Christ receive the glory now and forevermore!

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