Throwback Thursday: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of CPCS – An Interview with Paulette Schaap, Finance Manager

Paulette2If you have ever walked through the doors of CPCS, you have had the privilege of meeting Paulette Schaap.  She is truly a Godly woman who serves our school and families graciously, kindly, and with the utmost of professionalism.  Paulette was one of the very first full time staff members who was hired at CPCS.  She has witnessed and experienced first hand the faithfulness and provision of our God.
When and how did you start working at CPCS?
I “officially”​ became a paid employee in August of 1995.  I volunteered for the year proceeding that.
What are some of your earliest memories or favorite memories from working at CPCS?
​Probably some of my favorite memories are of how we were all like one big, happy family ​back then.  Everyone knew everyone else, and we all worked hard toward one common goal of growing the school and making it the best school that it could possibly be.  One much anticipated event we always had was a fall bonfire/hayride at one family’s home, and we could all fit around one campfire!
pauletteHow have you seen God’s hand upon CPCS?
There are so, so many ways I’ve seen the hand of God at CPCS!  To think of how this school was started by a few faithful families of First CRC – Crown Point and of all the struggles to find a “home”​ for our school.  We packed up and moved many times, but God was so faithful to CPCS.  He as seen us through many small struggles and also through some very major struggles…things that we didn’t know if we would or could continue on as a school.  And look at CPCS now!  Clearly God had a plan for us and continues to bless us.

What do you love/appreciate about CPCS?
​I think what I love most about CPCS is the road we traveled, the richness of our history and our ongoing story​.  I feel as if our history is like so many Christ followers.  We have struggles and times when things get messy, but through it all God is there – guiding and providing.  I also love the many, many ways that Christ is honored and glorified and is taught in every subject area.  I’ve often told teachers here that I wish I could send my daughters back through CPCS again so they could learn under some of our amazing teachers, but I don’t think they’d go for that!  I am also thankful for the special ways that are emphasized to our students at the middle school level about their faith walk and growing their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I think this helps prepare them to make wiser choices in high school and beyond.
Paulette3What do you love to do in your free time?
My favorite thing to do in my free time is to hang out with our amazing grandson, Judah!  I love spending time with family, of course, and am so appreciative of any time we can have together.  I’m thankful for the many ways that technology makes keeping in touch so much better.  Besides Judah, Larry and I have three daughters and three wonderful sons-in-law.  Rachel, Nathan and Judah Carlberg live in Milwaukee, WI, Jessica and Doug VanNoort live in Dyer and Lauren and Marc Spender live in Vista, California.​
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