Thankful Thursday: “Humbly CONNECT, Graciously LOVE” written by Courtney Housman, CPCS Parent

IMG_1586“CONNECT” I’ll never forget soaking in these sweet, blessed words from a kindred friend when hosting an after-school play date: “I always feel cared for when I step foot into your house.” While handing her a cold fruity beverage in a tall flute, she reinforced my motto of caring and connecting more deeply while impressing less. My desire for my living space is a centrality of love, acceptance and prayer. I feel rejuvenated and energized when I observe people knit together in a profound way in the mundaneness of life. I love seeing Sacred spaces where guests can practice authenticity and reveal their hearts and unique journeys. As a family, we practice the tradition of the “birthday plate” where that person eats off the specially crafted plate (from our favorite art barn in door county) and soaks in words of validation and affirmation from each person sitting around the table. We as a family believe in considering our friends and celebrating their Jesus-given abilities and attributes.

Written by Courtney Housman, CPCS Parent

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