Thankful Thursday: God’s Word is Our Source of Truth

bestsnickerdoodlesAs I see this world running more and more towards relative truth, I am thankful for Crown Point Christian School.  On a daily basis, my three girls get to hear about the absolute truth of salvation through Jesus Christ.    This does not just occur through a short Bible lesson.  Our children have the opportunity to see God’s hand and work through math, history and science.  They are loved and mentored by teachers and staff who are motivated by the love of Christ and the truth of His Word.

How do I see the truth and application of God’s Word in our family?  I see it clearly in how my girls are interpreting and understanding the world around them.  They are beginning to see others as Christ would see them; as people created in the image of God.  My one daughter loves to bake.  Today she spent time baking my favorite cookie: snickerdoodles.  As she was baking, she thought about our neighbor across the street that lost his wife to cancer many years ago and has no children or family.  She quietly made a decorative plate of her fresh cookies and walked across the street to say hello.  At the young age of 9, I can see how CPCS has nurtured and grown within her a desire to love Christ more and see the needs of others through the lens of the gospel.

Written by: Anonymous Dad of CPCS students

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