Thankful Thursday: Haiti Through the Eyes of My Daughter by Jen Welch, CPCS Parent

My daughter and I will be heading to Haiti this summer to serve at God’s Littlest Angels (GLA).  While we are there, we will be helping to construct new buildings for the orphanage, play, hold, and love the kids, and anything else that they need for us to do while we are there. Our motto is “be flexible” since it has been different for us on each trip.  We might be doing menial things that the staff doesn’t have much time to do like burning diaper boxes or it might be lasting things like mixing and pouring concrete.  We do a lot of physical work and love the “down time” that we have when in the company of the kids at the orphanage.  I can’t imagine trying to keep up an orphanage. The needs of the children are immense and then you add the daily chores that need to be done.  It must be exhausting.

welchMy daughter Jillian, a graduate of CPCS, has expressed interest in going to to GLA ever since we started child sponsorships at the orphanage. She feels connected to our sponsored children and is really excited to meet them.  When I asked her why she wanted to go, she said “to meet Docilia and JohnLove” and “because you and Dad are so involved with it. I want to see what it’s about”.

I am looking forward to seeing Haiti through her eyes. The country is so impoverished and the people are so resilient. In general, they don’t have things like clean water, daily food, indoor plumbing, solid housing, schooling, or access to medical care.  It’s only 1 1/2 hour plane ride from Florida and it’s a completely different world than the one that we live in. Haitians can’t rely on themselves as “problem solvers” like we tend to do in the U.S. Those that believe in God depend on him minute to minute each day…the way that we should rely on Him.  There is something about being in Haiti that brings it to the forefront every time and I want her to experience this.   While we are there we try to bless the long term missionaries in any way we can. If we are doing it by lightening their load & making their day a little bit easier, my prayer is that they are able to “keep on keepin on” and loving on God’s people in Haiti for as long as it is His plan. We are only there for a week, but during that time there is something that changes in my heart every single time. The first time that I went to the orphanage, I was hooked on Haiti and it’s plight. Even if I never returned after this trip, I will always advocate for the orphans, family preservation, and creating job opportunities in this beautiful country. My prayer is that Jillian walks away from our trip feeling the same way; that she continues to love God’s people around the world and at home with a fire that will never be quenched.
If you would like to help give toward the trip we are in need of diapers (size 5/6) and pull-ups.  We also are in need of old suitcases or rolling duffel bags or hockey bags that we could take donations in and leave in Haiti.  You can also be in prayer for our trip, for safety and that God would be glorified. To learn more about GLA you can visit their website at

“the King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”  Matthew 25:40
Written by Jen Welch, Parent of CPCS students
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