SGO Scholarship & Indiana Choice Voucher Info

Dear CPCS Association Families:

If you are someone who likes to exercise their political voice and be heard by the leaders in our state government then you have the opportunity to speak on behalf of CPCS and other private schools in Indiana who greatly benefit from both the School Choice Scholarships and Voucher programs. CPCS partners with the Institute for Quality Education to administer our choice scholarship program for those families who qualify. They have brought a couple of issues to the School Board’s attention in the email below, and we are spreading this message to our families and Association to help the cause. If you are willing to give a few minutes to send an email message to the state legislators it would benefit all private schools in the state.

Please feel free to forward this email to friends and family who would be willing to help support these programs that are so valuable to many CPCS families.

Thank you for your consideration of this effort.

The email from the Institute for Quality Education follows:

Hi, SGO/Voucher schools – we need your help again. We have two action alerts:

 The first one is about tax credit scholarships. The budget which passed out of the Senate appropriations committee eliminates the growth proposed by the House and keeps the Credit capped at $12.5M. Please use the link below and communicate with legislators that we support the language in the House bill that moved the cap to $12.5 million this year and then provided for a 20% automatic escalator.

 The 2nd alert is in regards to vouchers. In committee, the Indiana Senate voted to separate Choice Scholarship funding into its own line item. Doing so, implicitly treats Choice students differently than their peers and makes voucher funding vulnerable to cuts or elimination. Please use the link below and communicate with legislators to return funding for the Choice Scholarship Program to be included with other tuition support funds.

 Mary Eaker, Director

Institute for Quality Education

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