Reflections of an Eighth Grade Student by Logan Pitsenberger

     Logan Pitsenberger (3) In less than a month’s time I, my friends, and my class will never again find the value of X, listen to a lecture, or write an essay at CPCS. It is a bittersweet time for many as graduation comes and goes. On one end, we have finished a journey. Long for some, short for others. A journey that has brought much laughter, much conversation, and a lot of

    “Class be quiet!”

    And on the other end my 8th grade class will suddenly be tossed into different high schools and joined with new and strange people.  Goodbyes will undoubtedly be made.  However, this does not require that our time, my time, at CPCS has been wasted.

    If I had tell you one thing I gained from attending our middle school, I, would have to choose the Biblical lens I have equipped because of all my teachers. Each day I was sure I would learn something new about Jesus Christ, a new perspective, a new thought. Perhaps I will hear it in Mrs. Corder’s impromptu bible lessons, or maybe in the weekly Chapel. As I continue into high school I can be sure of what I believe, as it has been affirmed, examined, and reaffirmed throughout my experience at CPCS. I sincerely hope and believe my classmates feel the same way.Class Photo - Gym

Written By: Logan Pitsenberger, Eighth Grade Student CPCS

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