“Pi” Day Celebration

On Monday, March 16, all 6th-8th grade math classes enjoyed a wonderful “Pi” Day celebration to commemorate 3/14/15 which marks the first five digits of the math symbol pi.  Students enjoyed many activities and experiments that involved computing pi, measuring circles, calculating the ration of pi, and studying the history of pi.  Also, as a part of our celebration of “Pi” Day, the entire middle school ate pie.

Many students memorized as many digits of pi as they could muster.  Congratulations to Ashley Hunsicker(8th), Mark Streeter (7th), Justin VanDrunen (6th), and Michael Holland (6th) who each memorized pi to more than 100 decimal places.  WOW!  That’s impressive!

In the end, students and teachers had a lot of fun recognizing the beauty of God’s creation through the discovery of pi.  In a journal entry, one student wrote, “Pi was invented by God and discovered by humans. God made the rules of the universe so that every circle had a circumference of pi times its diameter… God’s creation and pi hold secrets which show how little humans really know.”

We’d like to send out a big thanks to all the parents who volunteered their time to help or send in donations of pie on this FUN day!

Written by Mrs. Wigboldy, Middle School Teacher

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