Mentoring Partners, By Logan Pitsenberger, CPCS Student

Mentoring PartnersLogan Pitsenberger (3)

A teacher and Spiritual Director at our school, Mr. Stallinga, has organized and run quite a few groups over the past three years.  One of these groups, which began last year, is called Mentoring Partners.

Mr. Stallinga wants the eighth graders to be leaders, and what better way to show leadership and a love for Christ than to help show people who Christ really is?  Mentoring Partners is all about guiding the sixth graders.

I became a mentor in the beginning of the school year, and it has proven very profitable for me, and I hope, my mentees.  Twice a month, I, my friend, and my three mentees meet together.  We usually start by talking about what happened during the week, then look at the prayer journal to see what prayers have been answered, and conclude by reading a devotion or a thought from scripture my partner and I created during the week.

The entire sixth grade is being taught by over twenty eighth graders.  Mr. Stallinga meets once a month with all of the mentors.  He encourages and teaches us how to mentor more effectively.  I personally think it is one of the highlights here at our middle school.

By Logan Pitsenberger, Eighth Grade Student

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