Kindergarten Kafe by Colton DeJong & Alex Wondaal

Kindergarten Kafe

It was a crowded room of dressed up parents and decorative tables.  We had the pleasure of taking a look at the Kindergarten Kafe on February 26; it was new to us both.  The Kindergarten Kafe is a relatively new tradition.  This was the fourth annual Kindergarten Kafe, and it is definitely a great idea.  We only wish it was around when we were that age.

Food, fun, and learning were all mashed into one to create an Italian-style restaurant learning extravaganza where the kids, moms and dads were invited to come and serve their children.  Despite the fact that the adults were stuck serving their kids again, they seemed like they were having fun.  We talked to a dad named Gary who said, “They are learning wonderful manners and are learning to count and distribute money and are enjoying themselves.”  Gary was serving his son and his son’s table in Mrs. Zimmer’s class at the Kafe.

You may wonder how they are learning while having a party, but as Gary said, “They were learning manners and how to deal with money.”  The kids were given real money and a menu.  They could pick a certain amount of things off the menu, (such as goldfish, lemonade, and ice cream) and the items were priced at different amounts.  When the brilliant Kindergarteners came up with the correct amount of change, the waiter would get their food and the kids would have to respond with proper etiquette.  They practiced counting everything from pennies to quarters to manners.

We asked quite a few people about their views on the Kafe.  A young boy named Ben said it was the fanciest place he had ever been.  His favorite part was the ice cream; ice cream was a very popular favorite amongst the Kindergartners.  A mother named Emily enjoyed seeing the reactions of all the kids.  We did as well.

The Kindergarten Kafe was definitely a good experience for the parents, the students, and the teachers.  It is a good idea that reflects our school virtues.  We were glad as well as disappointed when we got to see what we missed out on in Kindergarten.

By Colton DeJong and Alex Wondaal, Eighth Grade Students

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