Highlights from the CPCS Track Season by Ashley Pigatti & Ashley Clark, CPCS Students

05 05 15_7015Overall, the track season was a success. In the track league championship, the boys finished 2nd and the girls finished 05 05 15_69155th. At the league relays meet, the boys finished 1st and the girls finished 2nd.  Lily Olthof broke the school triple jump record, jumping 25 feet and 11 inches. Tristan DeGonia broke the school hurdles record with a time of 8.31. Isaac Gibson broke the school high jump record, jumping 5 feet and 1 inch. Nigel Philips, Hayden Podlin, Dylan VanDrunen, and Justin VanDrunen broke the 4×100 meter relay school record. Ashley Clark, Kelsie Derico, Gillian Fiene, and Emma Slings hold the school record for the 800 meter medley relay.  Gillian Fiene also broke the school records for the 800 meter run and for the 1200 meter run. Gillian also held the league record for the 800 meter run for a time, breaking it for the first time in 8 years. All of the participants on the track team gave their time and best efforts in making the season a win in God’s eyes.

Written by Ashley Pigatti and Ashley Clark, CPCS Students

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