Haleigh Olthof: Spelling Bee by Elizabeth DeYoung

HalieghHaleigh Olthof, an 8th grader at CPCS, participated in the Spelling Bee. Haleigh had won the Spelling Bee at CPCS, leaving Kaley Gutierrez as the runner up. Later, after hours of studying, she participated in the district Spelling Bee. Here, she achieved 3rd place, and proceeded to the regionals along with the top ten students from the district Spelling Bee. Haleigh told us, “It was enjoyable and sort of surprising when I got third place.” In the regionals, Haleigh did well, but did not place. Congratulations to Haleigh from the students and staff for doing such a good job in the Spelling Bee; representing our school and Christ to others!

Written By: Elizabeth DeYoung, Eighth Grade Student

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