First Grade Young Authors’ Riddle Books

Young Authors 002 Website2Our first graders at CPCS have been busy preparing our Young Authors’ books for our Grandparents’ viewing.  We began this writing project back in February and spent the entire month crafting our stories and our illustrations.  This year’s writing theme was a “Riddle Book”.  Parents assisted their children with writing the clues.  The students then worked on his/her illustrations, book cover, and autobiography page in class.  The children shared their stories with their Grandparents during Grandparents’ Day.  They will also share their stories with their parents when we have our “Reading Celebration” later in the month of May. 

This is the very first time our students have had an opportunity to participate in this event.  All first thru fifth graders write their own Young Authors’ book each year.  Each written work is judged and two winners are selected from each class.  Congratulations to all of our 2015 Young Authors’ winners.


Written by Stefanie Berdine, First Grade Teacher



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